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It has been almost a decade that AT&T’s It Can Wait program has brought awareness of the dangers of using your phone while driving. It is estimated that 96% of drivers are aware of the dangers of phone use while driving. Over 38 million pledges have been made to not drive while being distracted. And, more than 28 million people have downloaded the AT&T DriveMode® app.

AT&T ItCanWait, Pledge to Never Drive Distracted – It Can Wait, Days of a Domestic Dad

AT&T ItCanWait

Our 15 year old is in the midst of taking driver’s education and practicing for her driver’s test. Having your teen get behind the wheel of a car is scary enough. But, the thought of her reaching for her phone while driving is even more stressful. We have made it a priority to discuss the dangers of texting with friends, talking on the phone, fussing with the music app or radio, or taking and posting a selfie while driving. We tell her “It Can Wait”.

Did you know that 70% of U.S. teens use social media hourly or almost constantly? They find it hard to resist the temptation to connect with friends. And, 7 out of 10 drivers say their phone has become essential for getting around. 83% of people still admit to driving and using their mobile devices. That is an alarming statistic.

AT&T ItCanWait, Pledge to Never Drive Distracted – It Can Wait, Days of a Domestic Dad

It is time to address the problem and pledge to never drive distracted at So far, 75% of drivers who have pledged are keeping their commitment to not use their phones while operating a vehicle. Pledge Day is September 19th. This is the time to Speak Up against distracted driving. Doing so can save a life. No text, post, video, or selfie is worth risking a life.

You can make an impact by joining others who have already pledged to join the It Can Wait campaign. Also, download the AT&T DriveMode® app from the Google Play store or use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. It can turn off incoming text messages when you’re driving. It will also automatically generate and send a customizable auto-reply message to let people know that you are driving and can’t talk or text right now.

AT&T ItCanWait, Pledge to Never Drive Distracted – It Can Wait, Days of a Domestic Dad

You and Your Teens Can Join the Campaign

AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign message is quite simple: Please don’t drive distracted. To learn more about pledging, visit and follow @ItCanWait on Twitter. Become an advocate of the program by downloading the toolkit and posters.

Remember that 83% of drivers admit to using their phone while driving. This is a major problem. As parents, I think it is our responsibility to teach our kids the importance of safe driving. Get them involved with the AT&T It Can Wait campaign. And, encourage them to speak up, spread the word and get their friends on board.