When your days revolve around your children and their needs, it can be hard to remember that you’re someone other than a parent. You have your own wants, needs, passions, and hobbies.

Child-Free Days, How to Spend Your Child-Free Days, Days of a Domestic Dad

Sometimes, it just takes a child-free day to discover what they are. If you’ve been given the option of taking a break for yourself, grab the opportunity with both hands! You might then be able to partake in some of the following activities: 

Lunch With Friends

Going out for lunch with friends can be challenging when you have children. You typically have to ensure the restaurant has something on the menu your children will enjoy. You might also spend much of your outing, ensuring they’re not disturbing other restaurant patrons. 

As a result, lunch with friends or your partner can be a refreshing experience when your children are spending time with loved ones for the day. You can dine somewhere with a menu to suit your own tastes and enjoy adult conversations without distractions! 

Recreational Cannabis

If you live near Spiritleaf Oshawa, consider paying a visit and seeing what cannabis treats grab your attention. Cannabis dispensaries stock a range of products like flowers, edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls that you can enjoy on your child-free day. 

You can relax on the couch, watch your favorite movie during a date night, or spend time with friends while you both partake. You’re bound to feel relaxed and well-rested after trying a new product you’ve never had before. 


Outdoors lovers likely already take their children into the great outdoors. After all, there are plenty of family-friendly hikes in US parks. However, if you’ve ever wanted to tackle something a little bit more challenging that you know your children would struggle with, a child-free day might be the day to try it. 

Pack a hiking bag with everything you’ll need, tell someone where you’ll be, and set off. A nature adventure with friends or your partner might be an excellent way to spend your child-free day. 

Movie Theater

If your children are staying overnight with friends or family members, consider going to see a movie at night at the movie theater. While movies are always an excellent option to keep children entertained, you might enjoy seeing one that appeals to your interests. Make a night of it with all the snacks you want! 

Head Away for the Weekend

You might always prioritize family vacations and weekend road trips with your children. However, if you can’t remember the last time you planned a child-free weekend, now might be the right time to do so. 

You and your spouse can plan a romantic night or weekend away somewhere you’ve both wanted to go. A camping trip in the wilderness or a private sanctuary with a hot tub might be the recipe for success. You can then pick up your children after your weekend away feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

If you’re ever provided with the opportunity to enjoy some child-free time alone or with your spouse, grab the opportunity with both hands. You can then enjoy some of these activities above or do something else that’s normally not possible with children in tow.

Child-Free Days, How to Spend Your Child-Free Days, Days of a Domestic Dad