Are you a single or married dad who needs some practical ideas for covering the cost of next year’s family vacation? Luckily, if you have that long to plan, there are several workable solutions to save for a family vacation. That don’t require a total upending of your lifestyle.

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How to Save for a Family Vacation

The centerpiece of all the strategies is a detailed plan. Only by creating a day-by-day itinerary of your excursion can you get an accurate estimate of the amount of money you’ll need.

After making the plan, head straight to the monthly budget and check out some of the most efficient tactics for paring monthly cash outflow. Refinancing student loans is a top choice for guys who are still facing education debt.

Another quick cost cutter is to consider traveling when costs are lowest. Which means winter or mid-summer, depending on the destination. Group trips and part-time jobs are two other weapons in your savings arsenal, so don’t overlook them. Here are details about the most popular ways busy dads can get the family on the road to fun next year.

Plan the Trip

Get busy and do the boring part first: making the super-detailed itinerary. Armed with this piece of mundane data, you’re ready to produce accurate cost estimates. That way, you can set a precise financial target for saving.

Look for ways to cut expenses. Don’t miss out on weekly hotel rates, staying at campgrounds, temporarily bunking with relatives, avoiding theme parks like the plague, and paying in advance for events to lock in low prices.

Save Money by Cutting Monthly Expenses

If you’re currently paying on student loans, consider yourself lucky. That’s because you can probably refinance and end up with just one loan that has much more favorable rates, terms, and repayment periods.

Most working dads have better credit scores a few years after college. Which opens up the doors to favorable refinancing arrangements. Dads who opt for NaviRefi student loan refinancing can potentially chop hundreds of dollars off monthly expenses. Don’t forget to funnel whatever amount you save directly into a special travel account.

Travel at Off-Peak Times

One of the easiest ways to lower your total vacation bill is to travel at non-peak times. This varies based on your geographic location, but it’s usually wise to avoid the midsummer and late fall periods because that’s when national parks are most crowded and special events cost more.

Explore the possibilities of group travel with your local church, office coworkers, or social club. The trick is finding a program that offers a package deal that interests you, is priced right.

If you’re fortunate enough to connect with a group tour. Expect to spend about two-thirds of what you would on a similar deal by going only with your family.

Get a Temporary Part-Time Job

Taking part-time work for special causes is a time-honored tradition for dads all over the world. Fortunately, in the digital age, it’s relatively easy to snag 10 or more hours of online work per week as a tutor, freelance writer, or website evaluator.

If you have specialized skills, leverage their power to find higher-paying positions online or off in areas like tax advising, auto repair, or house painting.

How Do You Save for a Family Vacation

Side jobs can provide most or all of the funds you need to cover the cost of a memorable family trip.

Save for a Family Vacation, How to Save for a Family Vacation, Days of a Domestic Dad