What you’re wearing is often the last thing on your mind when you’re looking after the children.

, How to be a Fashionable Dad with Minimal Effort, Days of a Domestic Dad

However, liking what you see in the mirror is important to maintaining your sense of self and mental well-being. Discover how to be a fashionable dad with minimal effort.

Functional can be stylish

Turning up the fashion doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. You can be stylish while wearing practical clothing that’s comfortable and leaves plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Athleisure is an option that’s appropriate for any age when done correctly. Match casual joggers with a plain white t-shirt and leather jacket or short-sleeved denim shirt. Trainers work with almost any look too, but save your sports shoes for jogs and the gym and use a fashionable pair for casual daywear.

Choose the right trousers

A well-fitting pair of trousers is the secret to success when it comes to men’s fashion. Whether you favour classic jeans, chinos or corduroy trousers, the trick to looking polished lies in the fit.

Choose slim-fit styles that taper down to the ankle. This universally flattering design elongates your legs for a touch of sophistication while remaining roomy around the waist and thighs so you can run and play with your kids unrestricted. Wear with a selection of mix-and-match jumpers, shirts and t-shirts.

Embrace accessories

You might have been too busy to keep an eye on catwalks and fashion magazines in recent years, but we’ve got news for you: accessories for men are all the rage.

Combine style and practicality with a tasteful timepiece. You can go for a classic sleek design like a Breitling watch or a modern model with a chunky rubber strap and bold watch face. A bag is also handy for when you’re out and about – make sure it’s big enough to carry all the essentials, from your wallet and phone to snacks and entertainment for the children.

Jewellery for men has taken off in recent years. Elevate your everyday outfits with the subtle shine of rings or a simple chain. Woven leather bracelets are a more durable option that are nonetheless stylish.

Hairstyle and hygiene

One of the easiest ways to keep up appearances is to stay on top of the latest hair trends for men and shape your hair into your favourite style. Regular cuts are a must if you want your style to last and your locks to look and feel as good as new.

Shaving or snipping your facial hair is also essential. Stay on top of your beard and moustache so it is neat and conditioned, and use a trimmer to remove growth in the ears and nose.

A simple skincare routine – face and body – will go a long way towards helping you to achieve a daily glow. Wearing a designer scent is another way to make you feel fashionable every day, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.