Let’s dive right into the fixes around the house you should immediately undertake. Spoiler alert – it’s the walls and floors and the roof.

Home Improvement Tips, Home Improvement Tips for Dads: Fixes Around the House You Should Immediately Undertake, Days of a Domestic Dad

Home Improvement Tips for Dads

Coils behind or underneath your fridge attract debris and dust like nothing else. Besides being tucked away, dirty coils can severely restrict airflow to your fridge and make it work harder. This can only shorten its lifespan, not to mention it can reduce how effective it is.

Clean Your Fridge’s Coils

If coils get dirty to a point that they clog and reduce air exchange, cleaning them will not only restore the fridge’s function but will also improve the energy consumption as well as cooling capacity.

There are many fridge coil brushes on the market for a few bucks that are the best tool for cleaning them. You should have in mind that some new fridge models have their coils encased, so they don’t require any cleaning.

However, you should make sure that your fridge has this feat, and if it doesn’t, make this a regular chore.

In addition to this, there is another thing you can do to make your fridge more energy-efficient, and that is to remove items that are to be thrown away as soon as possible, so you don’t block airflow.

Remove Old Caulk

Another big home improvement tip that you should immediately undertake is to apply caulk where it’s needed. Caulk creates a seal that protects all floors and walls from moisture.

This is especially important in bathrooms and kitchens where there is a lot of water present from the sink, the tub, and others. Caulk will fill in all the small gaps between the shower, tub, or sinks and the wall and floors, and will keep them dry.

Getting moisture in your walls is the last thing you want. 

Since caulk deteriorates over time, it can leave your home prone to water and mold damage. The hardest part of applying a new caulk is removing the old residue.

Pay attention to this, because if you don’t remove the old caulk remains, the new caulk won’t stick, and your home will still be vulnerable to water damage.

Be sure to use any product on the market that will soften up the old caulk, which will, in turn, make it easier to remove. Treaded caulk residue will come off a million times easier than non-treated old caulk.

Repair the roof

Like with any other foundation in your home, water and moisture damage can wreak havoc with your home’s roof. In addition to this, if you have unfinished or damaged roofs, ponds of water, or any other damages by the wind, they can all cause pretty serious damages.

Fixing any problems with the roof is perhaps the first and foremost fix around your house you should undertake. 

The reasons behind this are that small damage can quickly turn into a huge problem that will require a lot of time and money to repair. If you have to repair any bigger damages, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

This is where TPO Pros comes in to note that small repairs will help your roof last for decades, but big damages will require a professional hand. Because the roof is so important in insulating and protecting the home, it needs to be done perfectly, since any small mistakes will be detrimental to its health.

Interior repairs

Once the previous fixes around the house are done, you should then focus on immediate repairs in your home’s interior. General interior surfaces that will require your immediate attention if they’re malfunctioning are walls and ceilings, and of course, flooring.

First and foremost, you need to repair any nail holes and other minor dents in the drywall. In addition to this, if you have any wall discolorations like the ones that appear after water damage, you will need to repaint the walls. 

These minor but immediate improvements are all the more important if you’re trying to sell your home.

Ultimately, it will give your home a fresh new look and will improve the quality of life in it. When it comes down to floor repairs, no matter what kind of flooring you have, be it carpet or laminate, everything should be in mint shape.

If you have hardwood floors, replace any scratched wood, or torn carpet and have it steamed if you have pets. This will also eliminate bacteria in your home that can come from pets.

These are some of the most pressing fixes around any home. Most importantly, be sure to repair your roof first if it has small damages, but call professionals for any big damages.

Home Improvement Tips, Home Improvement Tips for Dads: Fixes Around the House You Should Immediately Undertake, Days of a Domestic Dad