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You’ve got to have taste in everything. LG’s new refrigerator will make your kitchen sexier and sleeker.

I want you to think about some problems in your home right now. One of those problems is causing a lot of inefficiencies. It’s a problem that you keep having to deal with on a daily basis. It causes you to expend more time and energy on something that you need to survive. What am I talking about?

Your refrigerator, of course.

Because when you’re always hungry for some more pizza rolls or some Japanese leftovers from the night before, you end up reducing your refrigerator’s overall life span. You know those hinges aren’t going to last forever. You also don’t want to stick your head in the fridge for more than 5 minutes just to get some of that good stuff in your stomach either—you’re leaking out cold air.

This leakage, in turn, causes rapid depletion of the air and water filter over time since it has to work harder and longer to keep temperatures stable.

Then there is precious, precious time is wasted when you have to scrounge around in cluttered spaces to reach those pizza rolls.

It’s a problem and inconvenience that I became more aware of when I realized a snack run to the fridge should be quick and easy—not a forearm workout routine. Although I do appreciate the ladies complimenting my forearms, it’s clear that I’m spending far too much time in front of a refrigerator. I laughed at myself quite a bit for this.

I’m going to do all of humanity a favor by telling you to ditch your current fridge. Take a look at the LG Instaview Refrigerator. It’s perfect for families too! Dive in.

Instaview Technology and Energy Efficiency

LG has incorporated a tinted glass viewing panel on the door itself so you can save time and see exactly where your food or drink is in the fridge.

You won’t have to open the fridge anymore and scout around. Just knock twice and the glass will clear up and illuminate the inside of your fridge.

There’s also a door inside a door where you can place the most frequently used and popular items for added convenience. The shelves and racks are pretty tall and well built as well, so no worries about placing a gallon of milk on the side rack, for example. It’s a third door—just not the main door. It’s a handy feature which reduces cold air loss.

You and your family will appreciate this: less crowding at the fridge. Save more money by reduced energy usage. Food stays fresher for longer since you won’t have to stay around the fridge that long with the ColdSaver Panel. The panel acts a barrier which keeps cold air inside the fridge even when the outer door is open.

Another feature of the LG Instaview is it’s Smart Cooling Plus technology. It allows one to easily control conditions inside the cooling unit to keep foods fresh. Digital sensors work with the compressor and evaporators to engulf items with the perfect air conditioning: balanced humidity and temperature modification.

Ergonomic and Convenient

Following the trend of everything being connected, LG has released a SmartDiagnosis iOS and Android app that saves your time. For instance, you won’t have to look up the customer service number or model number on some obscure sticker or boring instruction manual. The app will display everything you need on your phone or tablet to troubleshoot or maintain this refrigerator.

The freezer drawer is pretty spacious too, it’s easy to pull out and has good drawer design. The things you’d handle more frequently are placed on a tiered drawer, while you can keep larger items in a bin below.

The LED lighting is gentle on the eyes and is energy efficient. Less heat output too.

The ice maker can generate up to 4.5 pounds of ice per day and is compact, which increases the available shelf space. The shelves themselves are pretty customizable. No more squeezing in long bottles or shoving in containers or plates. And definitely no more propping up shelves on top of food items because of a lack of vertical space. The base model starts out at 23.5 cubic feet, which is quite generous and viable for most. Inside is a spill protection system and tempered glass shelving. There are two humidity controlled crispers, and a drawer for deli, cheeses, and other items. Use it how you want.

The water and ice dispenser have a tall space so you can place a bucket or pitcher easily for filling. Lastly, there’s a child lock system that can be used to prevent messes or to stop those pizza rolls you want for yourself from getting into their hands.

Its Sexy

The LG Instaview comes in clean silver stainless steel or a nice, brownish blackish gunmetal color. If you live in a loft or want to give your kitchen a modern and chic upscale vibe, the gunmetal finish is perfect for you. It’s got good aesthetic, it’s not so fat that it pops out or so tall that you’d consider shaving off a piece of your wall. Dimensions: Height from top-68.875 in. Height from Top of the hinge- 70.25 in. Depth with handle: 30.875 in. Fridge capacity sits at 15.6 cubic feet. Not bad.

Next time you have friends over for dinner or if your children bring some buddies home, you’ll be proud of your taste in appliance design. It’s honestly an eye catching color, that gunmetal. It’s also got a fingerprint resistant coating to boot, so you can wipe it off with a rag or towel easily.

There’s a variety of models available that offer different capacity options. Check them out online at Best Buy.

All in all, I’m satisfied with the fridge. In this age of design and function becoming one, I’m impressed with well LG has managed to merge the two aspects of product design together. It’s also competitively priced compared to less functional, less advanced fridges. Did I mention this fridge is sexy? Like seriously, look at it: it’s good looking. I don’t even talk about fridges this much, though I can’t help but praise this design.

Nice work, LG.