Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a new habit? That’s it! Three weeks of being thoughtful about what you’re doing…then, it’s locked in. So, just pick one or two resolutions for the New Year…work on them until January 22 and you’re on your way

One challenge for busy families is keeping everyone eating healthy and not relying on junk food, just because you’re on the go and everyone’s hungry. Or when you’re busy and just want to hand something to the kids to satisfy their hunger and get them out from under foot! Shelf safe milk to the rescue. Keep plenty on hand to pop in the diaper bag, purse or sports bag. Keep a few in the freezer for long days of errands…by the time they’re ready for a snack, it will be just the right temperature. A little carton of protein, calcium, Vitamin D and other essential nutrients.

And did you know there is as much calcium in a single serving carton of shelf safe milk as 58 whole almonds? And that milk is one of the best ways to get Vitamin D besides the sun? Milk Unleashed !

Milk Unleashed Info

Drink More Milk

How do you get your kids to drink more milk? Here a couple ideas if your little has a hard time swallowing regular milk.

  • Make oatmeal with milk instead of water.
  • Find some hot chocolate recipes and substitute milk for water
  • Pack milk instead of juice for school lunches
  • Add milk to yogurt to make a drinkable yogurt
  • Blend fresh fruit and milk to make a healthy smoothie
  • Mix Milk and orange juice, and freeze in pop molds for a tasty treat

Take the 21 day challenge and start a good habit for you and your family, choose Milk Unleashed.