So you’re going to be a dad! While mom is carrying baby for nine months, dads can be involved every step of the way. Here are a few things dads can do to help moms during pregnancy, and keep their happy wife and healthy pregnancy!

Happy Wife and Healthy Pregnancy

Happy Wife – Healthy Pregnancy

Ask her how she’s feeling and listen

Your partner may be feeling super anxious about the upcoming labor and delivery, plus the raging hormones can cause extreme mood swings (warning!). Listen to her concerns, let her vent, and just be there for her to listen as she needs your reassurance and support now more than ever.
Share your own concerns and feelings too, as you’ll also have your own set of worries about fatherhood. If you’re both openly communicating, it will help you both deepen your understanding and compassion for one another, and make you feel more prepared as a couple.

Pregnancy dating scan

It’s normal to be nervous about your first pregnancy dating scan. After all, it’s the first opportunity to see your baby! But try to relax – the scan is really just a way of confirming how far along your pregnancy is, and everything is likely to be just fine.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your scan:

• Try not to worry too much. We know it’s easier said than done, but try to relax and remember that everything is probably fine.

• Don’t eat a heavy meal before your scan. You might feel a bit queasy if you have a full stomach, and it’s best to be comfortable during the scan.

• Drink plenty of water. This will help the sonographer get a clear image of your baby.

• Wear comfortable clothing. You might be asked to take off your clothing and dress in a gown, so it’s best to wear something that’s easy to remove.

• empty your bladder before the scan. This will make it easier to get a clear picture of your baby.

We hope these tips help you feel a bit more prepared for your pregnancy dating scan. Remember, it’s just a routine scan and there’s no need to worry.

Help her without being asked

Pregnancy takes an emotional toll, but obviously a real physical one too! Your partner may be falling asleep on the couch by 7:00 p.m. and is too tired to do household chores. This is the time to step up and take on extra chores around the house.

Be involved

This is your baby too, so plan to accompany her to checkups, ultrasounds, pregnancy dating scan, and prenatal classes. Read the pregnancy books, and help her prepare a birth plan together. The more you both are prepared for baby, the better you’ll feel when the due date arrives.

Pamper her

Pregnancy is the time when she needs pampering the most; help her feel comfortable, especially after a long day. A massage or foot rub can make a huge difference, as will making her a lovely dinner, or bringing her an herbal tea in bed.

Especially during the last trimester when she is feeling uncomfortable and varicose veins start to get larger and more pronounced, help by propping her with pillows or putting a heating pad on her back. A Vein clinic in Scottsdale also suggested that wearing compression socks during pregnancy helps to reduce swelling of varicose veins.

Fill her cravings

It’s 10:00 p.m. and your wife is suddenly craving pizza? It is your hubby duty to get up off the couch and pick up a greasy pie for her! Be prepared to spring out of bed at 3:00 a.m. to fetch a chocolate chip cookie… or two!

Tell her she’s beautiful

While many women carry pregnancy ‘well’, others find it to be a rough time physically. The stretch marks, weight gain, and swollen ankles can make a woman feel unattractive. Compliment her on her adorable baby bump and glowing complexion. Make sure she knows how much you adore her, and your growing baby.

I took my wife to a local maternity photographer to capture the last few weeks of my wife’s pregnancy. Those images from maternity photoshoot are a wonderful reminder, that leads up to a wonderful new life.

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