There is a lot more stay at home dads than there used to be, but the job description is pretty much the same as it’s been for a decade. Men who stay at home full-time with their children while the wife works outside the home or are dads who share workplace and home chores equally with their wives.

How to Make Money as Stay at Home Dad

What is a Stay at Home Dad

For lots of guys who get married these days, the DD gig is a natural way of life because many grew up in homes where their own fathers were stay at home dad. For men who are not used to the routine or just don’t know if they have what it takes to succeed in this role, here are some key points to ponder.

Learn How to Help with Homework

As a stay-at-home parent, you’ll have a chance to spend a couple of hours with your kids after they arrive home from school but before they eat dinner. Use that time to review school lessons and assist with homework. If it’s been a while since you’ve tutored or even been around classroom materials, ask teachers how you can best assist your young charges with their studies.

Use Tech to Help Get the Job Done

There are dozens of excellent tech tools that help parents with child care, like baby monitors, mini-cams, and GPS bracelets for little wanderers. Don’t be afraid when it comes to assuring the safety and security of your children. Most of today’s gadgets for childcare are inexpensive, safe, and easy to operate.

This Stay at Home Dad Teachs Sound Financial Lessons

When kids are old enough to leave for college, teach them a sound financial lesson by helping them find the funds to attend, rather than offering to pay the whole bill yourself. In fact, the smartest way to approach the situation is by acting as a co-signer on a private student loan. The youngster gets the benefit of borrowing as much as he or she needs for school, as well as fair interest rates and competitive terms. You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped them get the cash they needed for education but taught them a solid lesson about self-reliance and financial responsibility.

Learn How to Learn

If household chores are new to your, leverage the power of the internet to learn how to learn. There are literally thousands of video tutorials on every conceivable stay at home dad chore, from doing laundry and cleaning the floors, to keeping an eye on multiple little ones and making lunch for groups of crumb-crunchers. Keep an open mind and try to add one or two new household skills to your arsenal every week. In less than a year’s time, you’ll be a super domestic dad.

Figure Out How to Separate Work and Domestic Life

If you watch children and work from a home office, your responsibilities are huge. Consider setting careful limits on who goes into the office, explaining to kids what constitutes an emergency (a cut does but a need for a snack doesn’t), and learning how to speak on the phone while watching children.

How to Make Money as Stay at Home Dad

Make sure your boss knows that you are a stay at home dad and have a conversation about situations that might take you from your work desk. Side note, if you are wondering How to Make Money as Stay at Home Dad. Send me a message.