Grooming your garden can often be a time-consuming and strenuous activity. From creating a nice outdoor space and choosing the ideal layout of your plants to pick the right kind of plant in accordance with the climate of your area, gardening seems more like a responsibility rather than a relaxing weekend activity.

Garden Jobs, Garden Jobs? These Powerful Tools Can Save You Time, Days of a Domestic Dad

Yet again, with the right tools, growing your perfect oasis has never been simpler. 

Nothing can grow….

The soil around your home, depending on the area and climate, can often be dry. If that is the case, then the best tool to help you with the problem is certainly an aerator. A handy and useful device allowing the mixing of air with the soil and water, it enhances the soil’s absorption of nutrients and all the needed minerals.

The aerator, though not usually a common gardening tool, prevents dryness and makes the land more fertile. Other than the mentioned, however, the aerator may not always come at a cheap price, so as the last resort you may use the old spade and muscle strength to finish the job. 

The treehouse, unfortunately must wait…

Another common problem is certainly the trees. If you, by any chance, have several trees in your garden, you are very well aware of the danger the canopy can cause.

From growing several meters high and even damaging the roof or windows of the house to being a real threat to the children around, the branches must inevitably be cut short.

However, the task itself, no matter how laborious, can easily be done with a powerful chainsaw, yet easy to carry around.

With a short 10-inch bar and chain and stunning power, the right chainsaw easily cuts through branches and even whole trees and allows for a more easy-going and effortless experience. 

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You could also invest in the best loppers on the market, so you can trim the branches in a more precise manner. This is particularly useful if you have more delicate plants and trees in your backyard.

How to know which one to pick 

Depending on the task, what you should look for to use with smaller trees is certainly a chainsaw of compact size and features. For everyday gardening, your first pick should always be the ones that are light and easy to carry around.

More so if you need to climb the tree itself and cut down the branches while sitting on one. Therefore, look for the chainsaws with a preventable system that stops the saw when in contact with cotton or any other fabric. Those systems may prevent injury and damage.

Also, battery-powered ones might not have the cutting power of their gas counterparts but are certainly enough for smaller and thinner trees. But even among those, there is a huge difference in battery quality and durability. A Makita model, for instance, may serve you well through long hours of cutting with fast performance and cutting speed. 

Other models that are available on the market offer the possibility of picking reserve batteries in case of a power cut and a leaf collector bin. The smaller models compare to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and are perfect for tightly-packed neighborhoods and won’t bother anyone.

And judging from the experience of others, the best small chainsaws are those with a bigger oil reservoir. They can withstand long hours of cutting and work while working perfectly. Currently, there are several products available with such features and are regarded as the best when it comes to gardening; after all, we leave the really difficult ones to lumberjacks. 

Now the mess

You finally did it. The long branch, scratching your window every night is gone. Cut down by you, while handing a Remington, yet it left a huge mass behind. You’ll easily cut it down to smaller firewood pieces, yet the leaves remain. With the ordeal, a common and handy tool might save the day.

The leaf blower comes to the rescue. Easy to carry around, yet loud, the blower is a remarkable tool and you probably won’t break a drop of sweat, like when using a rake. Go around, have some fun, and put all the leaves on one spot, fast and effortlessly. If anything the kids can jump around, and maybe won’t think of the treehouse they could have had.  

Is it worth it…

Obviously, gardening can certainly be difficult and tiresome. Nevertheless, creating the perfect environment takes a lot of time and effort. From planting to cutting down, it all comes down to patience and will. However, the tools now available are offering an experience that can make even the most difficult task a pleasure.

Fortunately, the tools nowadays are compact and not heavy, and thus customized for commercial purposes, so gardening is not exclusively for a guy twice your size because everyone can handle them.