Winter can mean staying inside more often, but that doesn’t need to equal boredom. If the kids are too young for school or home for winter vacation, there is still a lot to keep them busy and make memories that will last a lifetime. Try some of these ideas.

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Bake Some Cookies

Baking cookies is always fun. This process becomes more pleasant if you have the best cookie cutters and baking accessories. Please add the part after the following sentence you have: Baking cookies is always fun. Simple recipes for sugar cookies and the right cookie cutters make it easy to create delicious cookies for the holidays. Once they’re baked, decorate with icing, sprinkles, food-grade markers, and more. 

Cut Out Snowflakes

Using circular pieces of paper, fold them a few times to create a cone. Then, cut along the outside of the cone in any shape. Once it opens, it creates a gorgeous snowflake that can be hung up around the house. With help, even the littlest family members can join in.

Make a Gingerbread House

Today, there are tons of kits available with everything needed to create a stunning gingerbread house. Get together as a family, construct the house, then have a ton of fun adding on all the decorations.

Go Looking at Lights

One night, go through the neighborhoods nearby and take a look at all of the lights. If it’s not too chilly, try taking a walk through the neighborhood while sipping on some hot chocolate. If it is cold, drive and go slow past all of the houses that are decorated.

Play Board Games Together

Game night is always a ton of fun. Pull out old board games or pick up some new ones to try out. Younger kids may need a little help playing games, but there are games for them that they can pick up on how to play quickly.

Make a Wreath

Pick out decorations together and make a wreath. There are tons of different ways to create wreaths and it’s possible to create ones just for the holidays, ones that can stay up all winter, and ones that can be reused year after year.

Make Some Ornaments

Plastic ornaments are easy to find around the holidays. Pick up a few of them, then have fun decorating inside or outside. Or, use recipes for salt dough and cookie cutters to create homemade ornaments that will be hung on the tree year after year.

Watch Holiday Movies

With hot chocolate and popcorn ready, sit down and enjoy a few holiday movies together. Make sure there isn’t anything big planned for the next day and stay up late watching a few different movies together.

Make a Snow Globe

Snowglobes are always fascinating to watch, but since they’re glass, they’re not usually something kids can play with. Instead, make homemade snow globes. Kids love making them and it’s possible to make them from plastic containers so the kids can give them a shake whenever they want to see the snow move.

Have a Sleepover Together

Spend the day in pajamas, then have a sleepover together in the middle of the family room. Don’t forget to rearrange the furniture to make room for a tent made from an old sheet. Combine this with hot chocolate, some fun movies, and other activities so the whole family will have a great time.

If you’re looking for things to do this winter, all of these will be a hit with the whole family. Gather supplies and pick out days to do each of the activities, enjoy time together, and have a great time.