Christmas-Wreath-rev 1 25 Christmas Wreaths

If you’re like me and not super crafty, then you look on Pinterest for different ideas to express yourself. So recently I wanted to spruce up the front door a little bit this year with a nice wreath. Here is a little of a few that I like, I can’t figure out which one suits us best.

Which wreath do you like, or do you have a wreath that is special to you?

  1. Wood Slice & Burlap Christmas Wreath (pictured) – Finding Home
  2. Fall Burlap Wreath w/Bow, Burlap Wreath, Bubble Wreath, Red Wreath (pictured) – Pretty Fancy Designs
  3. Christmas Striped Straw Wreath – Tater Tots and Jello
  4. A Log Wreath (pictured) – Duke & Duchesses
  5. Re-purpose Sweater Wreath – Duke & Duchesses
  6. Burlap Ornament Wreath – Formula Mom
  7. Wood Slice Wreath – East Coast Creative Blog
  8. Re-purposed Bundt Pan Christmas Wreath (pictured) – Duke & Duchesses
  9. Red Berry Christmas Wreath – CountryPrim
  10. Designer Christmas Wreath of Ornaments – Lindsay Obermeyer
  11. Window Wreath – Redo It
  12. Winter Snowball Wreath – Two Junk Chix
  13. DIY Rectangle Christmas Wreath – JustImagine
  14. Whimsical Christmas Wreath – Red with Envy Designs
  15. DIY Ornament Wreath – Eddie Ross
  16. Christmas Popcorn Wreath – Multiply Delicious
  17. Framed Christmas Wreath – A Diamond in the Stuff
  18. Clothespin Wreath – Gwenny Penny
  19. Felt Ribbon Wreath – Sweet Tooth
  20. 3D Paper Star Wreath – Little Birdie Secrets
  21. Paper Bag Wreath – Giddy Giddy
  22. Jack Frost Wreath – my home ideas
  23. Boxwood Christmas Wreath – Heather Bullard
  24. Bow Wreath – Design Improvised
  25. Nativity Wreath – Apples to Applique