It was never an easy thing. Do you remember movies about Rocky? He had to drink raw eggs, run like crazy and punch a beef bulk to get into shape. Nobody told him what to do. What a terrible time it was.

young mom doing yoga while her infant is under her.

Fitness Monitoring App

Anyway, it is not necessary today to consume unprocessed food and spend hours in seedy basements beating up frozen beef to feel better.

Comfort is everywhere around if you live in a civilized country. You just have to eat healthily, do safe exercises, and track your progress.

And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today – how to properly make a fitness monitoring application, what is fitness monitoring app development, and how to raise money as a result.

What is a fitness monitoring app?

Monitoring your physical condition is a vital part of any fitness activity. When you do the exercises, when you get out to jog for an hour or so, when you decide to spare some free time to swim, or even if you want to do some yoga – knowing your pulse rate, your blood pressure, and other information is essential for the results of all the aforementioned activities to be good.

That is why fitness monitoring apps are a must-have these days. It is also just very interesting to know how closer you get to your dream ideal looks after each workout session. So, instead of hoping for the miracle, you just open a fitness monitoring app and see how far you have progressed.

Scientific progress as it is! It can also turn into financial progress for you.

That’s right if you will make a fitness monitoring app yourself that can become a really good source of passive income. Unless you are a really generous person and would give the fruits of your labor for free. You’ll have a truly good time developing such an app anyway.

Essential things

There are always some things that are essential for an application to get popular and to work properly day by day. Let’s take a closer look at what is essential for a successful fitness monitoring app.

First of all, such an app has to be full of different workouts and training techniques. Kinda obvious, right? All the workouts and similar content should be easily filtered by difficulty, duration, and type. The users will just open the app, choose the training session they like (or desperately need) and that’s it. 

We are talking about a fitness monitoring app, so it inevitably should also track and display the state of the user’s physical condition.

Pulse rate, blood pressure, amounts of water consumed and to be consumed, the calories burnt – all this and any other kinds of data regarding health state has to be available and visible until the user decides to close the app.

Sometimes the health data is really important since many people do their exercises to overcome their disabilities or to recover after different traumas. So that is essential, don’t forget that. 

The notifications are necessary also since it is very good to be reminded of nice things you actually could forget. When users get too tired after work, or when they get too lazy any other day – the app should be able to remind them of their health and of their dream goals, which they so desperately try to postpone sometimes.

The achievements are what make the exercise sessions fun to participate in. It’s cool to know you did a good job, isn’t it? 

Fitness monitoring app development

What is the first thing you would expect from a fitness application? To give you the information.

Not to offer you adjustable things to play with and toss around on the screen of your smartphone. To show you what matters here and now. 

That’s why it is the first thing you have to begin with when developing a fitness monitoring app – making a task for the UX/UI guys regarding the availability and visibility of the health tracking data.

Then, of course, it comes to designing the video lessons feature. Training sessions that come in offline video or online streaming format should be easily accessible and should have detailed descriptions. 

The application should be available on different kinds of devices – it is really important today. In the past, people used to buy VHS video tapes with fitness courses, or watch fitness TV programs every morning to stay in good shape.

Today people use their TVs, their PCs, their laptops, their video game consoles, their smartphones, and even their watches to get all the information they need. 

So a successful fitness monitoring app should work on every type of aforementioned device and on different operating systems. It is so great to have the app you like everywhere you go, on every screen you like, whenever you might need it. Sync is good, everyone will agree on that.

And don’t forget about the maps! Very often fitness activities include jogging, hiking, and cutting trails through the woods, so a good satellite map inside a fitness monitoring app is definitely a good thing everyone will like.


A fitness monitoring app is really a fun thing to use and develop. If you are going to use it – you will get into shape in an easy and healthy way.

And you will stay in good shape, since a good app won’t let you forget about your favorite push-ups, no matter how lazy you might feel. If you want to earn some money selling an app of that kind – you won’t be disappointed. People do their exercises every day, all around the world. Just don’t make your app too expensive.

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