Disclosure: I’m sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

It really feels like summer is on the way with the lawn nice and green and everyone wanting to be outdoors more. We have already fired up the grill and have had a few gatherings around the fire pit. Friends and family are stopping by more often. This is one of those times of year when a sense of community emerges more often.

Febreze ONE, Febreze ONE Has a Gentle Fragrance That is Easy on the Senses, Days of a Domestic Dad

Using Febreze ONE to Target Odors

We do like to keep the house organized and smelling fresh for those times when unexpected guests show up. Febreze ONE Bamboo helps us take care of any odors that might be lingering in our home. These include the smell of our pup after he has rolled around in the grass, the stinky sneakers that the girls kick off when they come inside, or the smoky smell that we bring inside after sitting around the fire pit eating s’mores.

Febreze ONE, Febreze ONE Has a Gentle Fragrance That is Easy on the Senses, Days of a Domestic Dad

Great for Sensitive Noses and Skin

Febreze ONE Bamboo Fabric and Air Mist takes care of the odors with just a light misting spray from the pumped nozzle. There are no heavy perfumes, no dyes, and no aerosols. There is just a light scent of fresh bamboo.

This is extremely important because my wife Staci and our daughter Jaci both are sensitive to fragrances and anything that might cause skin irritation. We feel confident using the mist directly on fabrics. I will give a one pump spray to the kids’ sneakers. And, I’ll do a 3 pump mist over Cole’s dog bed and the laundry hamper. If I know friends are coming over we all can quickly pick up the house and lightly mist any rooms we might be gathering in. There isn’t a heavy smell left behind that would make it seem like we were covering anything up. Febreze ONE really does eliminate the odors and quickly.

Febreze ONE Bamboo

Convenience and Economy

I also like that I can switch out the pump and nozzle to another ONE product that has a different fresh scent. The pump is reusable, so I only need to purchase refills. This saves a little money. You know I am a fan of the Febreze family of products, so I am happy they make using the products a bit nicer on my wallet and less wasteful.

Febreze ONE Bamboo Spray

If you are looking for an odor eliminator that does not contain perfumes, dyes, or aerosols, Febreze ONE Bamboo might be just the right product for you. I know it makes a big difference when it comes to freshening up our home. Check out the Febreze ONE product facts on the website.