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Cut Back on Caffeine

Do you like coffee? Or sodas?

I sure do! I am super guilty of having more coffee or sodas than I need in one day. I could drink upwards to 4-6 can cokes a day if I could. I find drinking sodas, more pleasurable than water. Staci, does real well at controlling her caffeine consumption. Although she normally has a soda on the weekend, unless her blood sugar levels get lower than they need she has a coke or cup of coffee.

I am always looking to find ways to limit or cut out unneeded items from my diet. So for the next month, my sights are set on my caffeine intake. I have tried this before, but failed only to get back where I am now. Now, I feel more confident I can over come the caffeine obstacle. If I can over come my soda and sugary coffee addictions I should be in good shape to take on other health related challenges.

Caffeine and Sleep Don’t Mix

One out come of limiting or cut my caffeine from my diet is hopefully getting a better night sleep. A good night sleep is something I struggle with when I have a soda or cup of coffee late in the evening. So I did a little internet digging, and found 6 helpful Ways to Cut Back on Caffeine for a Better Night Sleep.

The choices you make today affect how you sleep tonight. Cutting out your afternoon coffee is just the start.

  1. Water down drinks that contain caffeine – They will still have the taste you enjoy, but contain a lower amount of caffeine and carry less risk of caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Try decaf – Switch to decaf coffee, decaffeinated soda, or even better, water or fruit juices.
  3. Try a tea shortage – Brew tea for a shorter amount of time to reduce the amount of caffeine in it.
  4. Change it up – Alternate one cup of coffee with one cup of herbal tea, or one can of soda with one can of caffeine-free soda or water.
  5. Know your ingredients – Study the ingredients on foods and drinks and watch out for caffeine. Caffeine is added to many sodas and energy drinks.
  6. You want this – Make reminders that you don’t need caffeine, especially when you are going to bed soon.

Need Occasional Help Getting a Better Night Sleep

I know that there have been a few time when I have been restless at bedtime, due to minor aches and pains. Tylenol® PM relieves minor aches and pains while helping you fall fast asleep and stay asleep.

More than 30% of the US Adult population suffers from sleeplessness . What triggers sleeplessness varies from person to person, however sleep is extremely important.

Tylenol PM Sleep Kit - DODD

• TYLENOL® PM is safe and effective when used as directed. Always read and follow the product label.
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Tylenol® PM is non-habit forming when used as directed.

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