Green living is a growing trend as everyone wants to do their bit for the environment. Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of ways to embrace sustainability, from choosing the right foods to lowering your energy consumption and recycling stuff.

, Creative Ways to Reduce Your Car’s Environmental Impact, Days of a Domestic Dad

And you can be an eco-conscious car owner too. In fact, it’s a major step toward sustainability.

Did you know that transportation has the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the US? It makes up a whopping 27% of the total. That’s a big number, right? But the good news is that car owners can make a difference by reducing their carbon footprints.

Well, there are plenty of ways to do your bit when it comes to sustainable car ownership. Let’s share some actionable tips to cut your emissions and save the planet.

Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle

That’s a great start, guys, so you shouldn’t fall for only good looks! Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle helps you save big money on your gas bills and lowers your vehicle’s carbon footprint in the long run. Check the miles-per-gallon (MPG) rating and choose a higher number.

You may opt for an electric vehicle (EV) running on renewable energy. These cars produce no emissions and are affordable and accessible these days.

Invest in regular maintenance

Keeping your car well-maintained does more than make it safe and extends its lifespan. It also gives better fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions.

Sweat over small stuff like keeping the tires properly inflated, regularly changing the oil and air filters and ensuring the engine is running smoothly. Trust us, these steps can make a big difference, so they aren’t worth ignoring.

Scrap the vehicle wisely

Well, you should consider the full lifecycle of your car when it comes to sustainability. Think beyond dumping your vehicle just anywhere and choose a like-minded scrap service. You just need to look more closely when you search for a scrap car removal near me, right?

Check their scrapping practices to ensure they follow eco-friendly ones. A provider that follows a recycling approach is always better.

Drive efficiently

Besides buying and scrapping wisely, practice efficient driving behavior as long as you own the car. Driving efficiently can significantly lower your carbon footprint.

Stick with the basics like avoiding sudden stops and starts, driving at a moderate speed, and using cruise control on highways. Steer clear of idling for long periods as it generates unnecessary emissions and wastes fuel.

Reduce your car usage

Nothing gets better than reducing your car usage whenever possible because it leads to zero emissions. Use public transportation, consider carpooling, and walk for shorter trips.

Route planning is a good option to reduce your overall mileage. Commit to avoiding unnecessary trips, loading extra weight, and turning off the air conditioning when it’s not needed.

If you’re serious about adopting a green lifestyle, then changing your driving habits is the best place to start. In fact, you can go the extra mile by choosing the right car and disposing of it appropriately down the line. Follow these tips and drive a change!

, Creative Ways to Reduce Your Car’s Environmental Impact, Days of a Domestic Dad