The older we get, the busier our life becomes. Having a lot on your plate is becoming your common thing in life, and it feels harder to take a break and dedicate some of your precious time to yourself.

Dad and Daughter cooking in the kitchen

But we are not robots, and we all need to rest and distract ourselves from hard work or study which will eventually result in better productivity ( However, when this time of rest finally comes, it might be difficult to actually come up with some interesting things to do in your free time.

For some people their most frequent free time activities become sleeping, watching TV, and just chilling at home. And that could be totally fine, but after such monotonous days, a ton of work or study tasks flood all over you again, and you simply cannot even remember what exciting things you did or learned last time.

Your life becomes dull and blurred. So if you are one of those people who imagined their life besides work or University to be more exciting, you will need to find some more fun things to do in free time.

Surely, to live an active and versatile yet balanced life with free time to relax requires good time management skills.

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Meanwhile, you will have time to take care of yourself and do something useful or fun. In case you are struggling to come up with free time activities for yourself, we prepared some ideas to inspire you. So let’s get started.

Tidy up your space

It might not sound super fun, but that is definitely a useful thing to do. Most probably, trying to juggle all the tasks you end up with clothes scattered all over the place or dishes that haven’t been washed for days.

Start clearing your mind by tidying up your environment, and you will see how comfortable and at peace you would feel after. It doesn’t seem to be the most obvious thing to do in your free time, but it lays down the basis for other activities you might want to do.
You can even go further and redecorate your room or renovate some of your old furniture. That will refresh your mind for a while.

Learn how to cook (well)

After challenging periods at work or university, it can be difficult to do anything but just stay home and chill. However, if you get bored of that and have the urge to do something with your hands, you should try cooking. Check some YouTube videos, follow the recipes and you will have delicious dishes worth sharing with your friends. This is one of those inexpensive creative things to learn and still spend your past time on a budget.


If you feel that your free time should be spent outside of your home, you should try volunteering. Choose the area where you would like to help and work on that. While being helpful to others, you will feel better emotionally and get new skills in a new area. Moreover, you will meet lots of new people and might create valuable connections for the future.

Start a blog or a YouTube channel

This is quite popular yet not many people suggest it. However, writing a blog or creating useful content on YouTube is quite an exciting hobby. Through writing or making videos you express your views, and feelings and show the world what is important to you. Blogging might be scary, but you shouldn’t think of other people’s opinions – just do it for yourself, and only then you will enjoy it. As a result, you have a great chance to upgrade your video editing or writing skills. Sharing your experience or struggles might also help other people to go through similar situations in their lives.

Take a course

If you are looking for other things to learn in your free time, something that will fill up your free time and will be productive at the same time, then you should consider taking some online courses in the area you are interested in. That could be related to your job or area of study, but we recommend considering something that you have been dreaming about for a long time. Such a course will bring you much more pleasure. It could be graphic design, programming, knitting, painting, etc. Think of something that resonates with you and have fun.

Learn a new language

A course for a few months could be quite an overwhelming endeavor, so you could consider learning a new language which can look less challenging if you do not set any deadlines. You can treat it as a hobby where you learn a foreign language along with a new culture. Being able to speak different languages is a good skill career-wise, as it will open various opportunities for you.

Travel alone or with friends

If you manage to have long weekends or holidays free from work or other stuff, set off for a trip. You can travel alone which is a unique experience or share this time with your friends. Do yourself a favor and find time and the possibility to explore far countries and meet new people. You will remember this time vividly and will never regret it.
If traveling far abroad is not an option for you, consider checking the area close to you. There could be a nice lake or a forest nearby where you might relax for a couple of days.

Party hard

After a hard semester, you definitely deserve to have fun and maybe even go wild. If you want to refresh, try throwing a party for your friends and roommates. Feel free to play games, dance, or sing. A fun night like this will bring you lots of positive emotions.

These were just a few ideas that you could test in your free time. Pick up one and see where the road takes you.

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