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With Summer fully checked-in here in North Texas, we are feeling the burn of the Summer heat. It was just the other day, the outdoor temperature hovered around 103 degrees. To some people that may seem like an extremely hot temp. Unfortunately, that is normal here in Texas, and during a bad Summer we can have multiply days of above 100 degree temperatures. Our kids have grown accustom to the hot Summers, especially when they can play in our pop-up pool. This is kind of like a Backyard Oasis.

Once it starts to get a little warm outside, they start begging to set up the Backyard Oasis pool we own. We have owned a couple Backyard Oasis pools over the years, and normally upgrade to something bigger. A couple years ago the girls loved playing in a shallow five foot round pool. Now, we have a family-size pool that is about 7 foot squared in size.

Backyard Oasis

We lease our current house, so the Deluxe Square Party Pool works best for our Backyard Oasis. The set up, tear down, and storage of the pool make it easy during the Summer months. You can find you a pool just like ours for your Backyard Oasis, at Backyard Ocean. I prefer to get all my pool equipment from Backyard Ocean, for the selection and customer service. They helped me pick out my pool for my size of family, and also advised me on what type of chemicals to use in my pool.

Backyard Oasis

For the longest time I never thought about treating the water in my pool. I just figured that every four to five days I would empty and refill the pool. Now thanks to my friends at Backyard Oceans I have the Derby Duck Chlorinator. This way I can extend the cleanliness of my water, and keep the pool water for the kids to enjoy it.

Backyard Oasis

How do you spend your Summer days? By the pool, in the backyard, with family? We like just being able the be together in the backyard in our own little Backyard Oasis.

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