Cats are adorable and charming pets. Even with their insistent and loudest meows, cats aren’t as loud as dogs barking.

New Pet Cat Home

Must-Have Items For Your New Pet Cat

Although they will occasionally get up on your table when they want something, having a cat while working at home will hardly distract you. They’re great companions that require less maintenance than other domestic pets.

As someone planning to get one, you’ll not have to worry so much about what things to prepare. Before you bring your new pet home, you must purchase a few supplies to help them live comfortably. To help you out, here is a list of things you need to prepare before bringing your new pet cat home.


There is a lot of cat food available in the market. However, you should understand that not all cat foods are appropriate for every kitty. It will depend on their diet and what types of food their past home fed them before you got them.

Subsequently, you can visit a veterinarian for a check-up and get proper instructions on what kind of diet would be appropriate for them. Other breeds need specific special diets and are sometimes given supplements. Furthermore, to help them adjust and stomach their new meal, introduce food to them slowly. Along with food, you shouldn’t forget to buy food and water bowls so they can eat and drink properly.

prepare before bringing your new pet cat home.

Litter Box

The litter box is considered the bathroom of your pet cat. It’s usually a box that contains granular absorbent material, but there are a lot of options that you can choose from. There is a self-cleaning litter box that takes care of the excreted materials of the kitty, while there is also a hooded litter box that gives them more privacy when taking their time.

In preparing the litter box, you’ll need to consider where to place it. It should be where the cats can get to the box safely. Put it in an area where it can’t be blocked by anything so they can use it whenever they want. Also, it would help if you spread out the boxes and not line them up in the same room and put plenty of space between each box. Most importantly, keep your house well-ventilated with good air circulation to prevent the smell from building up.

Reliable Scratching Post

You must know that cats need to scratch. Scratching is normal and instinctive. They usually do that due to stress or excitement, or maybe to mark objects with their scents. Some oblivious homeowners aren’t aware of this and end up having their sofas as the go-to scratching place. To prevent this from happening to you, don’t forget about getting a scratching post.

Preparing a scratching post will help ease their emotions and urges. It would be best to get a sturdy one with a solid base so that it won’t just trip over, choose one that must be taller than your cat when they stand on their hind legs.

Comfortable Bed For Your New Pet Cat

Cats love to nap, and they can fall asleep anywhere, but it would be better to let them rest on a comfortable bed and make it their new favorite napping spot. According to the founder of 911 VETS, Dr. Weinberg, a soft and comfortable bed can help cats ease anxiety and night terrors, so it calms them down.

Moreover, a bed will encourage your cats to sleep in one place, which helps you control the spread of fur. You can help them get used to the bed by luring them with treats. Once they’re into the cat bed, hold the treats above their head until they sit. Give them praise and let them eat the treat. You can continue doing this to help them get used to the bed.

Cat Carrier

Also, you would want to have something that can help you transfer your cat to your home, and the carrier would be the best option. The carrier ensures a safer car ride with your pet which helps in preventing them from roaming around the car.

Moreover, they have a tendency to run and jump if their eyes meet something interesting, so a carrier will also help them from bolting outside your car. If you’re shopping for a carrier, examine it carefully and buy something very sturdy with good ventilation. It should also be something that can help you put your cat in and out. A hard plastic carrier should be sturdy enough for a cat. Ensure to buy one that can give them enough space to stretch and lie down.

Final Thoughts on Your New Pet Cat

After gathering all the supplies, it would help if you spend time with them before you bring them instantly to your home. This is to let them get used to your scent to adjust faster to your place.

Also, bringing home some of their favorite toys can help them be more comfortable when they arrive.

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