Are you a fan of puzzles? If so, then you are in luck! As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways in which we can enjoy puzzles. With the advent of the internet, there is now a vast array of online puzzle websites available for anyone looking for a mental challenge.

how to find the Online Puzzle Websites

In this post, we will explore our favorite online puzzle websites in 2023, so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

I’m a Puzzle

In addition to over one thousand full puzzles available on the I’m a Puzzle website, there is the option to filter through some top puzzles in a list or by a general search in the upper-right toolbar. You can also play in a browser window or in full-screen mode. Its interface is neat and easy to use, despite being unfussy.

Look at all the picture games and puzzles here! For example, there are games with animals, bridges, landscapes, and more! With a puzzle builder, you can play with an image you love! You can easily find puzzles on I’m a Puzzle, such as the jigsaw type. Puzzle games are a great way to work on your patience while also getting your mind working.

It is an enjoyable and relaxing way to end a tough day that leaves your body and mind rejuvenated. I’m a Puzzle is also highly interactive; users can share their finished creations online with others or challenge them with time limits.

Each puzzle offers three difficulty levels so that users of all ages and skill sets can join in on the fun. If users get stuck at any point, they can always refer to the provided hints section which often provides clues without giving away too much information. What’s even better is that these features come free of cost; users do not have to pay any additional fees for access to hints or other features.

Overall, this makes I’m a Puzzle one of the best online puzzle websites around today.


Puzzleprime is a great online puzzle website that offers hundreds of puzzles for you to choose from. It has a wide selection of puzzles, ranging from easy to hard. Whether you’re looking for some fun or challenging puzzles, Puzzleprime has something for everyone. They also offer a wide range of categories to choose from, such as logic, strategy, math, and word puzzles.

On Puzzleprime, you can play alone or compete against other players. You can also create your own puzzles to share with your friends or family. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, you can even ask for help from the community or access the hints section. Plus, with Puzzleprime’s rating system, you can easily see how well you’re doing compared to other players.


MyPuzzle is a leading online puzzle site for puzzle lovers of all ages. With a wide variety of puzzles available, there is something for everyone. MyPuzzle offers crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, and a variety of other brain teasers. You can even choose the difficulty level of each puzzle!

MyPuzzle is great for anyone who loves puzzles, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. You can create custom puzzles or use the ready-made ones available on the site. There are also options to print and share your puzzles with friends or family.

The puzzles on MyPuzzle are always up-to-date, with new ones added regularly. You can join weekly competitions to show off your skills, or just relax and enjoy some classic puzzle fun.

Brain It On

Brain It On is a web-based puzzle game that is rapidly gaining popularity among people of all ages. The objective of the game is to use your wits and draw shapes in order to solve physics puzzles. This can range from building bridges to stacking crates and more. Players must use their logic, problem-solving skills, and creativity to complete each level.

The game is available for free on Android, iOS, and the Web, allowing players to enjoy it no matter where they are.

Brain It On’s puzzles are designed to challenge the player’s intellect and critical thinking skills. Its interface is simple and easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners. At the same time, the game’s difficulty increases as the levels progress, ensuring that players of all levels will be able to find something challenging in the game. There are also leaderboards and daily challenges for those who want to test their skills against other players.

Overall, Brain It On offers an exciting and stimulating experience for anyone looking for a challenge.


PuzzleChoice is an online puzzle game website that provides you with a variety of puzzles to choose from. They offer over 4,500 puzzles in over 100 categories, including word search, sudoku, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzles.

You can find puzzles for any skill level from beginner to expert, and all of their puzzles are free. PuzzleChoice also has an extensive library of articles on various puzzle topics as well as tips and tricks for solving puzzles. You can also participate in tournaments and leaderboards to see how you rank against other puzzlers. With its large selection of puzzles and helpful resources, PuzzleChoice is the perfect site for puzzle fans looking for hours of fun.

Crazy Games

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, then CrazyGames is the perfect online puzzle website for you. This platform has a massive selection of games from all sorts of genres, including puzzles and brain teasers. Some of their most popular games include Sliding Block Puzzle, Two Blocks, and Unblock Me.

These titles are challenging enough to give your brain a workout, but also easy enough to pick up and play right away. You can even try out their collection of 3D games, which offer a unique visual experience.

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