Mom and Dad’s Don’t Forget the Batteries for the Holidays

It is that time of year for the holiday shopping season. The stores are filled with parents purchasing the latest toys for their children to open on Christmas. The one items parents forget to buy is batteries. I can remember one Christmas when my son was five years old and had wanted a remote control car. I had bought him his car, wrapped it and stuck it under the tree. Early on Christmas morning my bright eyed son woke me up as his voice was so excited to see what was under the tree. He ran to the tree and patiently waited for me to make my way into the living room. I knelt down beside him and handed him one package at a time to open.

Don't Forget the batteries

His anticipation gleamed as he tore the wrapping paper off his presents. I saved the best present for last to entice his anticipation. I handed him the last colorful wrapped box, and he stared at it with his eyes closed. I think he was hoping that his remote control car would be in this package. As tore the last piece of wrapping paper off the box the picture of the car appeared before his eyes. He gripped the box and screamed in delight as he tried to get the box open. His voice was loud and sharp as he yelled, “I got it!” As he pulled the car out of the box and sat it on the floor he could barely grip the remote control due to his overwhelming and uncontrollable happiness.

Duracell Star Wars
My son began pushing buttons on the cars controls but to his surprise nothing happened. This is broke he says with tears building up in his eyes. “It is not doing anything mommy,” he said as he handed it to. His voice was crackling and the sadness lingered over his face. I knew I had forgot to get a pack of Duracell batteries for the remote control to work. I searched in all the drawers and finally found a pack of Duracell batteries that fit his car. Once I put the batteries in and turned on the car it worked. I was so relieved, and my son was back to his uncontrollable self as he drove the car all over the house. He bumped it into every piece of furniture and it still continued to run like a champ.

Star Wars Sword
Duracell has been a good quality battery for all our household items, and I never forgot the batteries again after that Christmas Day. Duracell is making sure parents remember their batteries this holiday season by offering coupons on batteries at Toys’ R Us. On November 22, look for a $3 OFF coupon when you buy any 2 packages of Duracell batteries (AA/AAA 16pk, D/C 4pk, 9V 2pk or larger, Quantum AA/AAA 6pk, D/C 3pk or larger). You’ll find this coupon in most Sunday newspapers. On December 13, look for a $1 OFF coupon when you buy one package of Duracell Coppertop and Quantum. The coupon will be available in most Sunday newspapers.
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Star Wars Sword
Power up your new Light Saber and see the brightly glowing blade’s light effects! Swing and slice your toy through the air and you’ll hear motion sensor-controlled sound effects like clashing, battle impact and crackling sounds. But in order to “power up” – you need Duracell batteries! Toys“R”Us is your one-stop-shop this holiday season! Get toys and the Duracell batteries they need to operate – all at a great price.

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