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During the summer we love to take the kids and our dog hiking, especially in shaded areas. It is pretty warm in north eastern Texas during this time of year. Our favorite hikes are along creeks, streams, or really any watering hole where the pup can jump in and cool off. He doesn’t care for the heat unless he can catch a water break.

febreze plug, Eliminate Those Bad Odors in Your House with the Febreze PLUG, Days of a Domestic Dad

Once we get back home we clean him off with cool water from the hose and let him dry off on the back terrace. Sometimes, one of the kids will accidentally let him inside while he is still wet. Wet dog is not a good smell. This is a real issue when friends or family stop by for a visit on weekend afternoons, which does happen a lot.

Febreze PLUG to the Rescue

It was embarrassing to try to explain why the living room and kitchen smelled strange after our excursions. We finally found a solution to this problem. We got a Febreze PLUG to see if it might eliminate the odor. It works!

febreze plug, Eliminate Those Bad Odors in Your House with the Febreze PLUG, Days of a Domestic Dad

Febreze PLUGS use OdorClear technology to eliminate, not just cover up, all kinds of odors. The PLUG contains two alternating scents that are very pleasant.

All you do is unscrew the cap of a scent refill and set it into the Febreze electric oil warmer until you hear a click. Then, you place the oil warmer into a standard wall outlet. You can adjust the desired level of intensity and enjoy the waves of freshness. A nice little feature is that the PLUG rotates. If the outlet is sideways or upside down, the warmer can be rotated to the upright position.

Febreze Plug High Traffic Area

Where to Use Febreze PLUG

The Febreze PLUG is a bit of a life saver when it comes to wet dog odors. But that isn’t the only reason we use these great little room fresheners. As mentioned before, it is hot in the summer in Texas. There are times when the air-conditioning is off and the house gets a musty smell. This happened recently when we were travelling and came home to a stifling hot home that needed to be opened up and freshened.

Febreze Plug

At times like this, we will place a Febreze PLUG in a couple of rooms on the first floor and in the hallways on the second floor while the house is airing out and cooling off. It also works well if you have a finished basement area that can sometimes smell damp.

High traffic areas are always in need of continuous odor elimination so that the house is always fresh for guests. You can place a PLUG in any room of the house to quickly and safely take care of odors. These plug-in warmers last up to 45 days on the low setting. And, there is no need to remember to spray a room with air freshener every few hours.

Favorite Scents

Febreze PLUG refills are available in a variety of fresh scents. Our favorites include Bora Bora and Spring & Renewal for the main part of the house. We like Mediterranean Lavender for the bedroom areas because it seems to soothe everyone to sleep. There are so many more scents to choose from.