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We have a new addition to our family. His name is Cole. He is a 3 month old, black Goldendoodle. Our girls, who are 7, 11, and 13, have grown so attached to Cole that we can’t imagine a life without him in it. He is energetic, playful, and affectionate. As he matures, we are sure he will be a loyal companion, and a hopefully less mischievous family member. Adopting Cole has been one of the best things we could have done around the holidays. He brings joy, laughter, and muddy paws into our home. It seems to be his dogs purpose in life.

dogs purpose

What is Your Dogs Purpose in Life?

Our new family member brings memories of the best-selling novel “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron. The screen adaptation of the novel is due to be released in theaters on January 27th, 2017. The story is told from a dog’s point of view. It documents the journey of a dog’s life through several reincarnations while he (and she) searches for his purpose in life while interacting with his human counterparts.

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” – Jonathan Safran Foer

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Like our puppy, Cole, the dog is the loving pet of an eight year old boy named Ethan. He starts out with Ethan as “Bailey”. His prior life was not so filled with love, sadly. Bailey adores Ethan and his is best, and often times funny, companion until he passes away. Alas, he returns as a new female dog with a greater purpose to fulfill as a rescue dog.

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The story, told from the dog’s perspective, continues with a few more reincarnations and wonderful life learning experiences for this lovable dog. His interactions with humans bring meaning to his own life as he teaches them to laugh and love. Ultimately, he is reunited with his buddy Ethan in another life that is heartwarming and full of lessons.

The book is humorously and touchingly adapted to the screen by director Lasse Hallström, who also directed Cider House Rules. The devoted featured dogs are all voiced by Josh Gad. The cast of humans stars Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, Britt Robertson, K.J. Apa, Juilet Rylance, Luke Kirby, John Ortiz and Pooch Hall.A Dog’s Purpose” is produced by Gavin Polone, who also produced Zombieland and TV’s Gilmore Girls. The film from Amblin Entertainment and Walden Media, produced by Alan Blomquist and Mark Sourian, will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

A Dogs Purpose

Whether you have read W. Bruce Cameron’s wonderful tale, as seen through the eyes of a dog, or not, I think you are likely to enjoy the movie “A Dogs Purpose“. Just from watching the movie trailer, I can already tell that it will reinforce the decision we made to adopt our new puppy. It is likely to make all pet owners, think differently about the joy our fury friends bring to us. It may even encourage a non-pet owner to adopt a pet in need of a home.

Watch the trailer here, and mark your calendar for the release on January 27th.