DoDD Review Disclosure

We have added a new and exciting game to our family’s collection. This one is really tactical and competitive in a fun way. It is the Anki OVERDRIVE interactive auto racing battle game with futuristic technology and advanced intelligence.

Anki Overdrive


The Starter Kit that we got came with 2 Robotic Supercars, a 4 car charging system, 10 curved and straight track sections, and a tire cleaner.

We designed and assembled our race track and then downloaded the Anki OVERDRIVE App that is integrated with our iOS or Android phones and tablets.

The Supercars are self-aware robots, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.). They are equipped with fierce strategy. The cars will learn and relearn whatever track configuration we build.

These cars are also deadly hunters. They will track other robotic cars down. The more we play the game the better and smarter we and the Supercars get.

Overdrive race track

The cool thing is that the A.I. allows us to play against other intelligent opponents or against friends and family. Weapons can be customized to make the game more exciting and suspenseful.

These include flamethrowers, sirens, defense shields, and battering rams. You can get a glimpse of all the weapons by checking out this link. It is also possible to add to your track and reconfigure it multiple times.

Upgrading or adding vehicles is possible. The software updates are continuous. With all this, the game never gets boring.

If you really want to expand your game library, without just downloading a video game, check out the Anki OVERDRIVE racing game.

It is an adrenaline rush. It is also easy to put together. The track pieces just snap in place. We have found that OVERDRIVE is a game that the entire family can get into. The girls get excited as much as we do.