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My intentions of avidly walking or hiking local trails with the family and our pup, followed by gathering around the fire to tell stories, drink hot chocolate, and relax have mostly been good. But, when a cold or flu hits me, I am knocked off my game for a bit. The dog and the family still need to exercise, and the fire still needs to be made for us to hang out.


Getting Through Winter When a Cold Creeps In

I used to crawl into bed with some hot tea and a box of tissues and just ride out a cold or flu. We men are not always the best of patients. Basically, we just don’t like being sick and we let everyone know it. I depended on my sweet wife to cater to me and take care of all the family needs when I was feeling out of sorts. I think that might have gotten a little old. She would say, “Why don’t you take something to relieve the symptoms and help you feel better”. I guess I always figured it was manly of me to face the discomfort head on.

Advil Cold, Surviving Another Winter with Advil Cold and Sinus, Days of a Domestic Dad

I was wrong. I eventually learned that there is a solution to feeling better. Well, I was actually schooled on that front. My wife gave me Advil® Cold and Sinus once and I was able to get up and be amongst the living. It cleared the nasal congestion, relieved the pressure in my sinuses, and helped with minor pain, body aches, and fever. I was a new man and father. I had hours of relief. Of course, it didn’t cure my cold, but it allowed me to be functional in between resting, drinking tea, and eating homemade chicken soup. I could also interact with the family better.

So, this year when I felt a cold coming on, I reached for our go-to symptom reliever. With Advil Cold and Sinus I am not drowsy and can still manage a walk and a fire pit gathering. I no longer allow a cold or flu to stop me in my tracks 100%. We always have Advil® Cold and Sinus on hand.

advil cold

Taking Advil Cold and Sinus

This great remedy is available in caplets or liquid gels that are easy to swallow with water or juice. I just take 1 every 4 to 6 hours for symptom relief, as directed right on the package, as soon as I feel a cold coming on. That normally does the trick. If I am really sick and it isn’t kicking in, I will occasionally take 2 caplets or liquid gels, also as directed.

As always, I refer to my professional health care provider if I am not feeling symptom-free and suspect I might have an infection that requires medical intervention. I am aware that Advil® Cold and Sinus is not meant to be used to prevent or cure a common cold or the flu. It is, however, a great nasal decongestant, sinus pressure reliever, and pain reliever.

advil cold

I am Prepared this Winter

With all the new things happening with our family, I am prepared this winter to deal with sinus congestion and other symptoms by having cold medicine on hand. My medicine of choice is Advil® Cold and Sinus. My family, and Cole think I am a much happier Dad to have around when I have some relief. And, I can stick to my resolutions of more exercise and quality family time.