In Dallas, most homeowners use their cooling throughout the year. As they use their AC all year round, it requires frequent maintenance and repairs. But the repairs aren’t cheap. If you’re looking for a guide for AC repair cost, Dallas, TX specifically, this article is for you. 

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All You Need to Know about the Cost of AC Repair [Dallas, TX Guide]

Before deciding to repair the unit, you must check a few things. For example, the age of the unit, AC efficiency, and frequency of the repairs. If your AC is relatively older and needs repairs, it is best to avoid the repairs and purchase a new unit. Again, if the AC has a lower energy efficiency and needs repairs, you should switch to a new AC. 

5 Major Factors that Increase/Decrease the Repair Cost

1.       Model of the AC 

If you have an older air conditioning unit and need repairs, you’ll easily find technicians who are well-versed with the equipment. Besides, if it requires any parts replacement, you can easily get the parts and replace them. Consequently, you’ll have to spend less time finding suitable HVAC technicians, and you can complete the repair work at a competitive price. On the flip side, when you have the latest A/C and it needs repairs, you may not find the right technicians for it. Because some of these slick and modern ACs require specialized skills and knowledge. He will charge more than the market price even if you find one. 

2.       Time of the Year 

During summer, every household is running their AC 24×7, and because of this, the demand for AC repair and maintenance is at its peak. So, if you plan to repair the AC during summer, you’ll end up paying more than you should. Also, even if you schedule an appointment, there is no guarantee that the repair work will be top-notch. As the repair technician is constantly busy, he may not be able to give the required attention to your cooling unit, and you’ll end up having a bad AC repair. This is why it is recommended that you repair the AC during the winter or at the start of the spring. 

When you repair the unit during the winter or the start of the spring, you’ll easily find technicians to do the repair work. Besides, you can pick and choose which technician or HVAC company to hire for the air conditioner repair. This eventually increases the possibility of having an excellent repair. 

3.       A/C Repair Type 

Type of the A/C repair impacts the cost heavily. If your AC needs minor repairs like replacing or cleaning the filter, tightening the loose wire, or cleaning the fans, you can complete the repair work for under $100. However, if the AC needs heavy repairs, such as repairing the compressor or repairing the refrigerant leak, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the repair cost can even cross the price of a new cooling system.


If the estimated repair cost is half of the price of a new air conditioning unit and the AC is relatively older, you should purchase a new air conditioning unit. However, if the AC is relatively new, you can go with the AC repair. In this case, you’ll have to be more serious with the AC maintenance and schedule repair works. 

For AC unit repair, maintenance, and installation services in Dallas, you can trust most of the technicians. These technicians have years of experience and most of them provide emergency repair services in Dallas. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, reputable, and experienced HVAC contractor in Dallas, you can blindly trust these technicians and HVAC contractors.  

4.       Location of the Air Conditioning Unit 

Sometimes, the cooling unit’s placement can increase AC repair costs. If your AC is installed on the rooftop or a hard-to-reach area, the repair technician will need help accessing the unit. Besides, he will have to work harder and make his way in to repair the unit. All these will increase the AC repair cost. That’s why, before estimating the total repair cost, consider the location of the unit and consult the HVAC technician for the correct quotation. 

5.       Type of Air Conditioning Refrigerant 

The type of refrigerant your cooling unit is using can also impact the total repair cost. For example, if your AC is relatively older, it is using the R22. But this refrigerant has been banned by the EPA and the US govt. since 2020. Because of this, if you need refilling, you won’t find any in the stores. To refill the AC, you’ll have to look for R22 in the illegal markets, which will ask for more than the actual price. As a result, the overall repair cost can go up multiple times than needed. On the flip side, if you have a new AC, it is likely to use the R410A, which is easily available and affordable. This is why, if your AC still uses the banned refrigerant, you must replace the unit to reduce the repair cost. Also, as the R22 refrigerant is banned, you may face legal issues for using it. 


AC repair can be daunting for new homeowners. Sometimes, even experienced homeowners get puzzled by the repairing process. That’s why hiring an experienced and reputable AC repair company is so crucial. These companies have a definite working procedure, making the entire process smoother and eliminating the homeowners’ stress.