We all know that there is almost nothing more important in the hot summer months than a functioning AC unit. So, when your AC is not working at 100%, it is important that you know what to do.

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We will look at some common signs of a broken-down AC unit, how to repair and maintain the AC and, finally, the benefits of using expert repair services for your HVAC system.

By the end of this guide, you will be well-equipped with all of the necessary information to prevent AC breakdowns and fix them quickly if they do occur.

Signs of a Broken HVAC System

There are several simple ways to tell if your AC system is breaking down. For one, the thermostat may show the incorrect temperature. Or, the airflow will be weak or the wrong temperature. You might also hear strange noises from within the AC unit. 

The best way to avoid breakdowns in your AC system is to maintain and clean it regularly. Experts at this HVAC Company in Jacksonville Florida highlight the importance of cleaning the ducts and having regular maintenance checks to keep everything in working order. However, when breakdowns do occur, you can attempt to fix them yourself or call the experts to repair your AC for you.

Repairing and Maintaining AC

If you want to try repairing your AC yourself, remember to use online guides and videos to help you. This should only be attempted if you have some knowledge of AC systems and the right tools for the job. Do not attempt a home repair if you lack the knowledge and skills to complete the job.

Just remember that you might void your home warranty by attempting a home repair. This is because you could end up making the problem worse or causing a new one. In either of these events, the necessary repairs and replacements will not be covered by a home warranty agreement. However, if you use an expert repair service, this will be covered.

Trust in the Experts

It is generally recommended that you leave the replacement and repair jobs to the experts. A trained professional in HVAC maintenance will be able to identify the issue with your HVAC system and make the necessary repairs and replacements.

Common reasons why your AC might break down include blocked ducts, lack of maintenance and a buildup of grime within the system. When pollen and dust build up in your AC, this can cause allergies. Get regular maintenance checks to avoid these issues in the future. 

As you can see, the best way to prevent your AC from breaking down is to maintain it well and be aware of the warning signs when it stops functioning to its full potential. The signs of a broken or failing AC unit include funny noises, blowing air at the wrong temperature and weak airflow.

You can attempt to fix these issues yourself, with the help of online guides and videos, or call in the experts to make sure the job is done right. Remember, if you attempt to repair the AC system yourself, you run the risk of voiding your home warranty.

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