Here is a few Air Conditioner Hacks to keep your home or business establishment cool without breaking the bank. And since it uses electricity to keep your space comfortable and indoor air clean.

Air conditioning on the wall above the sofa cushions.

Air Conditioner Hacks

It’s only normal that your monthly energy bills will slightly increase after installation. Overtime, you might have to do a few repairs as your system gets older.

Without proper care, your AC might cause your energy bills to skyrocket and increase the frequency of repairs which can be pretty costly. Below are some things you can do to reduce these costs without sacrificing comfort.

Change Filters Frequently

The Department of Energy recommends that AC filters be changed/cleaned every month or two. This is important as it helps lower your system’s energy consumption by up to 15%. Dirty/clogged filters affect airflow, which in turn makes your system less efficient.

As a result of reduced airflow, your system components work hard, causing them to wear out fast. Again, your air conditioner struggles to clean your indoor air. Consequently, it takes longer, leading to increased energy consumption.

This implies that aside from the increased frequency of repairs, your electricity bills skyrocket.

By changing AC filters, you ensure sufficient airflow, hence system efficiency. If you own a pet or live in a dusty location, for example, near an agricultural facility or a road, you might have to replace your filters more frequently.

As a bonus, you’ll be protecting your health and that of your family or employees. Aside from being unable to clean the air in your home, the already trapped contaminants on your clogged/dirty filters get released back indoors, making life uncomfortable for loved ones with allergies, asthma, or the elderly.

Regular Maintenance

Although it might be tempting to skip system maintenance in the hope of saving some cash, you might be forced to spend much more in the long run. Think of AC maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.

Several studies have established that AC maintenance helps increase AC’s life expectancy. Aside from cleaning your system, the technician checks system components for any signs that they are damaged, loose, or worn out.

They’ll then address these issues and replace system components whenever necessary. They’ll also replace your system’s filters if you have not done that yet.

Without maintenance, minor problems which could have been addressed through repairs become more extensive, necessitating costly repairs and replacements in the long run. With regular maintenance, you will reduce the cost of repairs as well as keep the cost of cooling lower.

Replace Old AC

Yes, the cost of installing a new AC is pretty high compared to the cost of repairs or replacement. However, in some cases, replacing your old AC is the most cost-effective solution.

An old and malfunctioning AC won’t achieve your desired temperatures or indoor air quality, yet it’ll use more energy. Besides, emergency repairs are more common with old ACs than new ones. If you choose to replace your system, go for newer models which are energy efficient.

Most importantly, ensure that a certified technician addresses all air conditioning issues.

Although DIY improvements might work on any other part of your home, they can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to your system.

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