The Netherlands, otherwise known as Holland is a country with picturesque landscapes, historic cities, and vibrant culture. In other words, the country has a plethora of family-friendly activities that cater to all ages.

Best Things to Do in the Netherlands

Whether you’re exploring Amsterdam’s iconic canals, visiting traditional windmills in the countryside, or enjoying the diverse museums, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best things to do in the Netherlands with your family, ensuring an unforgettable vacation filled with fun and exploration.

Visit the Tulip Fields and Keukenhof Gardens

You can kick off your family adventure with a visit to the mesmerizing tulip fields and Keukenhof Gardens. Located in Lisse, just a short drive from Amsterdam, Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, boasting over seven million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in full bloom during the spring season.

The beauty is that you’ll explore more than the vibrant flower displays. You can even enjoy scenic boat rides, and partake in various interactive activities for children. For example, you can pick up a free Keukenhof scavenger hunt booklet at the entrance.

It’s filled with facts, challenges, and brain teasers about tulips. As they complete the booklet, children will learn about these beautiful flowers in a fun and interactive way

This colorful spectacle promises a delightful start to your Dutch experience, capturing the essence of the country’s famed floral beauty.

Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

The canal cruises are one of the best family activities that Amsterdam has to offer. This is essentially a boat tour that meanders through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, offering a unique perspective of the city’s historic architecture and charming neighborhoods.

This is a relaxing and informative way to soak in the beauty of Amsterdam while ensuring an enjoyable experience for every family member. They are fun and in fact, you can use this experience as a break from walking and sightseeing on foot in Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

For an authentic Dutch experience, you can visit the Zaanse Schans, a living museum near Amsterdam that will transport you and your family back in time. These iconic windmills, wooden houses, and artisan workshops showcase traditional Dutch life from the 18th and 19th centuries.

While you are there, you can explore the interior of working windmills, witness traditional crafts like cheese-making and wooden shoe carving, and even enjoy boat trips along the Zaan River. Zaanse Schans provides an immersive journey into Dutch heritage, offering a mix of education and entertainment for the whole family.

NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO Science Museum is one of the must-visit places in the Netherlands. It is an  hands-on, interactive destination that caters to the curiosity of both children and adults. With five floors of engaging exhibits covering topics from physics to biology, the museum pretty much encourages visitors to explore and learn through play.

Also, the rooftop terrace provides panoramic views of the city, offering a unique vantage point for you to appreciate Amsterdam’s skyline. A day spent at NEMO promises a fun and educational experience, making science accessible and enjoyable for all age groups.

Amsterdam Red Light District

While the Amsterdam Red Light District may not seem like a family-friendly destination at first glance, it’s possible to explore this area with discretion and respect for its cultural significance. During the day, you can opt for an Amsterdam red light district tour and get to appreciate the district’s historic architecture, including its narrow streets and charming canal houses.

Exploring the area’s shops and boutiques offers insight into its vibrant cultural tapestry, with unique offerings ranging from artisanal crafts to quirky souvenirs. Additionally, a visit to the Oude Kerk (Old Church) and Amsterdam Dungeon will enable you to tap into the area’s cultural and historical significance.

Kinderdijk’s Historic Windmills

You can head to Kinderdijk for another glimpse into the Netherlands’ iconic windmills. This is yet another UNESCO World Heritage site located near Rotterdam. It is a picturesque landscape that boasts 19 well-preserved windmills dating back to the 18th century, symbolizing the country’s innovative approach to water management.

Your family can explore the scenic pathways, visit the museum to learn about the history of the windmills, and even take boat tours through the adjacent waterways. Kinderdijk offers a serene and educational experience, allowing you to appreciate the engineering marvels that have shaped Dutch culture.

Efteling Theme Park

The Efteling Theme is one of the oldest theme parks in the world. It is a fairy-tale-inspired wonderland that will captivate every member of your family. The park features thrilling rides, magical attractions, and enchanting shows set amidst lush greenery and charming landscapes.

Your family can embark on a journey through the Fairytale Forest, experience the gravity-defying Efteling Theater productions, and enjoy a mix of gentle and exhilarating rides suitable for varying age groups. Efteling is one of the places that promises a day filled with whimsy and wonder for the entire family.

Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)

You can also make your way to Rotterdam & spend a day at Diergaarde Blijdorp, one of Europe’s most beautiful and family-friendly zoos. With diverse animal exhibits, interactive displays, and themed play areas, the zoo provides an immersive experience for children of all ages.

From the Oceanium showcasing marine life to the Amazonica exhibit featuring tropical rainforest species, families can embark on a global journey within the zoo’s confines. Diergaarde Blijdorp ensures a day of discovery, education, and entertainment for the entire family.

The Anne Frank House

You can also visit the Anne Frank House, another nice museum that provides a poignant insight into the life of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II.

While the subject matter is serious, the museum offers a unique educational experience, making it suitable for older children and teenagers.

Wrapping up

The Netherlands has a rich cultural heritage and family-friendly attractions making it an ideal destination for a memorable vacation. Whether you’re exploring museums, enjoying theme parks, or simply relaxing on the beach, Holland has something for everyone, making it a perfect destination for families seeking a blend of culture, history, and fun.