Few things depreciate faster than a brand-new car. While you’re almost certain to sell your car for less than you bought it, there are a few measures you can take that will stop the value from plummeting quite as dramatically.

2022 Lexus RX450 in a driveway

Preserve The Value Of A New Car

In the future, it could be the difference between selling your car for $7000 and selling it for $700. Below are a few examples of just how you can preserve some of the value of your car. 

Get your car serviced annually

A service is a routine checkup of your car’s conditions that should be carried out by a qualified mechanic once per year. It can help you to detect any hidden issues so that they can get repaired. Many mechanics will also be able to provide an oil change, filter changes and other small procedures as part of the service. This can all help prevent wear and tear to parts which may end up affecting that value at a later date.

Regularly clean your car

Cleaning your car regularly can help to prevent corrosion of the bodywork, which is typically caused by substances like mud, bird excrement and tree sap. This in turn can keep your car from looking as old and worn, helping it to retain more of its value. Just be wary not to over-clean your car as this may eventually cause damage too. 

Avoid dents and scratches

On top of corrosion, you should try to avoid other bodywork damage such as dents and scratches. Most dents and scratches occur in parking lots – and may not always be your fault. When possible, try to avoid parking too close to other cars where there will likely be a greater chance of getting your bodywork scratched by an opening door or bad parking maneuver. Be wary that it may be possible to cheaply remove some small dents and scratches, which could help you preserve value.

2018 Audi A5 Cabriolet

Look after your car’s interior

Scuffed or stained car seats are not a good look, and will harm your car’s value. Try to look after your car’s seats as much as you can. This could include buying specialist cleaning products such as leather cleaner for car seats, or adding car seat covers on seats that are likely to be mess prone (such as seats where pets or kids may regularly sit). Wiping down your interior and regularly vacuuming it is important too. Consider also replacing or cleaning dirty floor mats.

Be a gentle driver

A lot of wear and tear can be reduced by adopting a gentler driving style. Hurtling over potholes, braking harshly and ramming the gearshift into reverse while still rolling forward will all cause damage faster. By taking things more slowly and gently, you can avoid many issues that could impact your car’s value later down the line. 

Watch your mileage

The higher your mileage, the more value your car is likely to lose. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drive your car, but it does mean that you should carefully consider unnecessary journeys. A car that has traveled 60,000 miles will hold a lot more value than one that has traveled 80,000 miles. 

Keep onto all the important documents

It’s worth keeping onto all paperwork related to your car such as service records, emissions test documentation, warranty documentation and the title. Try to also keep onto the driver’s manual. This can all help you to look more legitimate and will allow you to sell your car for more. 

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