Undoubtedly, organizing a corporate event can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Among several factors, one of the most important things that can make or mar your event is the conference moderator.

, 7 Tips for Taking Your Corporate Event to the Next Level, Days of a Domestic Dad

However, not to worry, here are 7 tips to help you take your corporate event to the next level.

Choose the Right Conference Moderator

The conference moderator is often the public face and voice of the event.

Aside from being informed about the subject matter, the moderator should be articulate in public speaking, eloquent while teaching and skilled in engaging the audience to contribute to the subject matter.

Choosing the right moderator for your event is like laying the foundation for a successful event.

Define Clear Objectives

Proper planning for your corporate event starts with defining your goals. Whatever the mission of your event, set SMART goals that will define your action plan.

These goals should be holistic, clearly stated, and understood by your conference moderator, speakers, and attendees so that unity of purpose and direction can be established.

Leverage Technology

Incorporate modern technology into your event and let it be part of the attendee experience. Event management software is efficient in the registration process, scheduling, and communication with the attendees.

Develop an application that would allow the participant to view the conference schedule, sample information about the speakers, and connect to other like-minded individuals.

The live-streaming sessions can also be an added benefit as they cover more participants who are not physically present in the lectures.

Create Engaging Content

Content is an imperative aspect of corporate events. Organize the sessions so that they are enlightening, informative, and stimulating.

Ensure that the conference moderator and speakers take their time to create PowerPoint sessions that are informative and engaging if a presentation is an element of the conference.

Also, you should have workshops or break-out sections that can help to take ideas to a higher level.

Foster Networking Opportunities

One major reason why most people attend corporate events is to meet and interact with other people. Encourage the networking experience by creating more opportunities and areas for it.

These can be networking lounges, networking breaks at certain times, and live networking sessions.

Focus on Attendee Experience

Every single aspect of your event defines the experience of your attendees. Some of the aspects that should not be overlooked include the location of the event, the type of chairs to use, the food to present, and the atmosphere to create.

It is important to make the event easy and comfortable for all participants. Ensure that you interview some of the attendees before, during, and after the event to know their needs and find out about their experience during the event.

The conference moderator is in a position to adequately assess the mood of the audience and ensure a perfect ambient environment.

Measure and Analyse Success

The number of attendees and their participation, as well as feedback questionnaires, are good tools to measure and analyze the success of an event.

It is advisable to have a debriefing session with your team members and the conference moderator to identify the strengths you can build on and the areas that require enhancement.


Organizing a corporate event involves several factors, such as planning, teamwork, as well as financial commitment.

Nevertheless, the experience can be rewarding in the end. Therefore, these tips will be useful in planning and taking your corporate events to the next level.

, 7 Tips for Taking Your Corporate Event to the Next Level, Days of a Domestic Dad