Buying presents can be very difficult, particularly when it comes to family members. A Bookish Dad is one of the most important people in the family, and they give so much to their children, it can be difficult to know what to get them to thank them for all they do.

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Gifts For Your Bookish Dad

Think about what your dad likes so that you can get him something he will truly enjoy. 

This article will provide you with seven great gifts your bookish dad will surely love and which he will certainly forever cherish.

Handmade Shelf

The majority of book lovers will have a high number of books in their homes. It can get very chaotic and unorganized if all the books are all over the place. The best way to store them is by putting them on a shelf.

Someone that enjoys reading and appreciates books will want to ensure that they are properly taken care of. Surely, you can easily buy a shelf from any store and gift this to your bookish dad, but it will have a lot more meaning if you put in the work and create the shelf yourself.

There are a number of tutorials that you can find online, and you can change it and adapt it to your dad’s needs and taste for the perfect gift. 

Personalized Bookmarks 

Bookmarks are essential for any book lover. When you are enjoying a book, the last thing you will want is to lose the page where you take a break. Having a bookmark will help the person keep track of where they are in the book.

A personalized bookmark makes for a great gift – you can add your dad’s name or have a meaningful message to them so that they are reminded of how much you love them every time they open their book. This will certainly make him smile every day.  

Books of Different Genres 

Buying books may be an obvious one, but some people tend to steer away from doing this as they may find it difficult to buy books for someone else – particularly if you do not like to read yourself.

If you are in doubt, buying books of different genres is one of the best things you can do. The reading enthusiasts behind suggest reading expert blogs so that you know which books are the best in the market.

Doing this will make it easier for you to find something your dad will enjoy, but it may also introduce him to a new book or genre that he has not previously considered. 

Highlighters and Sticky Notes

Some books are pure fiction and an escape from reality, but in the majority of reading materials, there will be a message to take away from the story, no matter what you are reading about.

It can be useful to take notes as you read. Your dad may be interested in doing this, therefore, giving him highlighters as a present may be ideal so that he can highlight his favorite parts of the book.

On the other hand, if your dad does not want to ruin the book with ink, he may choose to write on sticky notes instead and stick them to the pages. 

Framed Quotes

Any person that truly loves reading will have a set of favorite books or favorite quotes that have had an impact on their life. If this is the case for your bookish dad, it may be a good idea to have his favorite quotes printed and framed.

This will be an unforgettable present as your dad can decorate his office with the frames or put them somewhere special around the home. 

Local Library Membership 

Buying books is not for everyone, and many people still enjoy going to the local library to read a book. It is a complete experience reading in a place where everyone is there for the same purpose.

It can be challenging to focus on a book at home or outside – the library is a space that respects the readers and the books. If you know your dad is the type of person that would enjoy going to the library, consider getting him a membership to the local library.

You may be able to add several features, depending on what they offer, including permission to bring books home for a period of time. 

Book Subscription 

If your dad reads books very quickly, it may be difficult to just buy him books, as you know he will finish them quickly.

Instead, you may get him a book subscription that you pay on a monthly basis and your dad will receive the books directly every month. This way he will always have a new book to enjoy

If your bookish dad loves reading and books, he will certainly love the ideas presented on this page.

Gift your bookish dad one of these or use this information as inspiration to ensure you give him something he will surely love.

bookish, 7 Great Gifts Your Bookish Dad Will Surely Love, Days of a Domestic Dad