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This Christmas children and parents can be happy with a gift. Samsung is launching a new service called Samsung Kids to better serve consumers. The service is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablet and will offer an extensive library of educational content for many levels.
Samsung Kids Tablets
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Tablet will have bunnies so as to survive the wear and tear of daily life. The seven inch screen will ensure that the children be able to clearly see text and video. The 1024×600 pixel resolution will provide crisp images. Parents will appreciate the harder technology while children will just be happy with their new toy.
Another key advantage for parents is knowingthat their children will have a safe experience. Samsung Kids will have no ads. Parents will be able to make certain that children are not abusing privileges through parental controls. They will be able to set time limits on usage, set app categories, and monitor their child’s progress on the dashboard. If there was any doubt that the company is doing its utmost to provide a stellar experience the fact that Samsung Kids shows no in-app purchases can alleviate that concern.
The New and Improved Samsung Kids Tablet Offers an Extensive Library of Educational Content
So what kind of content week be available? Samsung collaborated with a leading company in the field of educational entertainment to create content that fits with STEM and Common Core curriculum guidelines. The goal was to provide education that would help children in school while making sure they stayed engaged with the content.
Samsung did not want to leave the children bored. That’s why the company made sure educational content would be associated with content that they already love. Apps include content from Dreamworks Animation, Sesame Street, National Geographic, PBS Kids, Highlights for Children and more.
The New and Improved Samsung Kids Tablet Offers an Extensive Library of Educational Content
The next question will undoubtedly be how much fires this all cost? The tablet costs $149.99 with 8gb of memory and a starter pack of over 20 popular apps. The Samsung Kids monthly subscription will be 4.99 with the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, as opposed to an expected retail price of 7.99 a month if it were on other devices.
Samsung Kids offers a safe and ad-free experience for children. Parents will be confident in their ability to monitor their child’s usage. Parents and children won’t have to have arguments about in-app purchases. Get ready for Christmas and head to Best Buy, Toys R Us,, Fry’s, Curacao, hh gregg, PC Richard & Son, BrandsMart, ABC Warehouse, RC Willey, Electronic Express, Adorama, B&H Photo, Data Vision, or Newegg to purchase your bundle.