Disclosure: As a member of the Rules of the Road Warriors Program I have received compensation to share. All opinions are my own.

Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors

Just recently I joined the Sear Auto Rules of the Road Warriors program! This program is aimed at educating people about proper automobile maintenance and car care. This month we are focusing on what it takes to prepare for Winter. So I headed up to my local Sears Auto Center to visit with one of their lead technicians. In turn, the experience was great and educational. Please find below 5 things I learned from my visit at my Sears Auto Center.

Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors

5 Things to Check Your Vehicle Before Winter

  1. Old, dirty or incorrect fluids: All fluids should be updated to deal with cold temperatures. Fresh antifreeze helps your components stay lubricated in subzero conditions and keeps contaminants from marring your radiator, preventing rust and leaks. Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors
  2. Bad wipers or windshield wiper fluid: One of the most significant aspects of driving safety is your ability to see the road clearly. In blowing sleet and snow, that’s not always easy. A quality set of windshield wipers and the right wiper fluid for the temperatures in your area are essential to being safe throughout the coldest weather. Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors
  3. Old or Failing Batteries: Cold weather has a way of seeping energy from batteries, leaving you without the ability to start your car when you need it the most. AAA reports a 300 percent increase in the amount of battery-related calls once winter rolls around. That’s no coincidence. Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors
  4. Old Tires or Low Pressure: Cold temperatures cause tire pressure to drop, leaving you vulnerable on the road. Forget about the numbers embossed on your sidewalls and go with the pressure rating in your owner’s manual or inside your driver’s side door. These are the manufacturer’s specs specifically for your car. If you notice that your tire pressure is low, Builder Create suggests using an air compressor to fill them up or taking the car over to a professional if needed.
  5. SACWarrior Tire
  6. Misalignment and damaged shocks and struts: Winter brings a constant cycle of freezing and thawing, as well as salt and other chemicals designed to melt the snow and ice. This combination can lead to cracks and gaping potholes in the road. Sears Auto Center #SACRoadWarriors

The friendly technicians at your local Sears Auto Center will be happy to make you an appoinment to go over ways to better prepare your car for the winter months.  Sears Auto Center

Sears has also provided me with a gift card to giveaway. You can use this at your local Sears Auto Center or Sears store for whatever you need! You can learn more about Rules of the Road Warrior by following the hashtag #SACRoadWarriors, follow @SearsAuto on Twitter, like the Sears Auto Facebook page, and even follow Sears Auto on Instagram.

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