For many, smoking cigars goes beyond being a habit; it’s a form of art. Every step needs attention and consideration, from finding the right supplies to savoring the best flavors.

How to Store Cigars

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned enthusiast, finding ways to make the smoking experience excellent is vital. Know where you’ll get the right cigars and master the best practices. Here are five significant tips to remember as a cigar smoker.

  1. Choose the Right Cigar

Your choice of cigar can make or break your smoking experience, making it necessary to be picky. Options are extensive in the world of cigars in terms of flavors, shapes, strengths, and sizes. As you select, focus more on your experience level and preferences. You can start with a medium-bodied to mild cigar to give yourself time to adapt.

Visit a local cigar shop or a reputable online retailer to explore the options and ask for recommendations based on your preferences. Ask questions, and be open to new experiences; you may stumble upon a newfound favorite. While hunting for budget-friendly deals, remember not to compromise on quality.

  1. Properly Store Your Cigars

Changes in temperatures and humidity can majorly interfere with the chemical composition of cigars. This is why you need to have sound storage areas to ensure the flavors and quality are maintained. Buy a quality humidor that can serve you well by keeping the cigars in optimal condition.

The recommended humidity range to work with is between 65% and 72%. Temperatures need to be within 64-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperatures, such as below 54 degrees Fahrenheit, will compromise the natural aging process of the cigars, leading to poor quality. Cigars also absorb odors quickly; keep them away from anything with strong smells.

  1. Master the Art of Cutting

You have different cutting techniques, each having a unique impact on the flavor or draw. The guillotine cut is the most dominant and offers a straight, clean cut across the cap. If you want to enhance the draw and concentrate the flavors, the punch cut or V-cut is the method.

Keep experimenting with different cutting styles to arrive at one that suits your smoking experience better. The primary focus is achieving a precise and clean cut while curbing any cap damage. When purchasing the cutting accessories, don’t skimp on quality.

  1. Puffing and Ash Management

Puffing too frequently or forcefully can overheat the cigar, resulting in a bitter taste. Instead, take slow, deliberate puffs, allowing the flavors to develop naturally. Hold the smoke in your mouth before exhaling to savor the intricate nuances.

A long, solid ash is a sign of a well-constructed cigar. Allow the ash to build up before tapping it gently into an ashtray. However, be cautious not to let it become too long, as it may break off unexpectedly. Compact the ash to ensure an even burn and a pleasurable smoking experience.

  1. Respect Cigar Etiquette

Cigar smoking often involves a communal experience, whether at a lounge, social event, or private gathering. Always ask for permission before lighting up in someone else’s space, and be mindful of non-smokers nearby. Avoid overbearing gestures like tapping your ash aggressively, as this can disrupt the enjoyment of those around you. Additionally, resist the urge to relight a cigar that has gone out on its own; instead, allow it to rest and relight it if necessary.


Cigar smoking can be a rewarding way of passing time and relaxing when you plan for it well. Look for the quality supplies first, as the overall experience depends on it. Learn the right tactics on the lighting and cutting to ensure you enjoy all the flavors. Choose also the type of cigar matching your experience level.

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