Leather jackets are timeless pieces that should be a fashion staple in every wardrobe. If you plan to purchase your very first leather jacket, here are five valuable tips that can help make the process less intimidating and more enjoyable. 

Man in Black Leather Jacket Leaning on White Concrete Wall

Evaluate Your Style

Before going leather jacket shopping, you must first understand your personal style. Instead of buying the trendiest leather piece, define your style preferences. Do you prefer a classic leather blazer or an aviator jacket that screams vintage charm? Do you want to evoke an edgier vibe with a biker jacket? Choose the style that complements your personality and works well with your current lifestyle. 

Pay Attention to the Details

When choosing a leather jacket, you must be meticulous with the details. High-quality fashion leather brands do not cut corners by scrimping on details, so thoroughly checking every feature of your preferred jacket is imperative. Some details you need to be particular about are the pockets, linings, topstitching, zippers, and armholes. The zippers are the first thing you should check, as cheap ones are red flags of a poorly made leather jacket. 

Find the Right Fit

Regardless of how fancy or expensive your leather jacket is, it’s not a smart purchase if it doesn’t fit you properly. Never compromise your comfort for the sake of looking stylish. Visit multiple stores and try on various sizes of your preferred jacket style to help you better understand how they work for your body type and shape.  

The perfect leather jacket should conform to your body and allow you to move comfortably. It should not be oversized or tight in any area. Additionally, the jacket sleeves should not go past your wrists and have sufficient room for your inner clothing. For instance, if you intend to wear a bomber jacket over your work leisure attire, ensure you can move your arms effortlessly and sit without feeling conscious. 

Invest in Quality 

While most leather jackets are expensive, they are worthwhile investments that you can wear for years. Always choose jackets designed using high-quality leather, either top grain or full grain. However, if your budget is restricted, looking for affordable yet quality leather jacket alternatives would be best. Search for pieces within your price range, and never assume that just because they’re expensive, they will look good on you regardless. 

Care for Your Leather

Leather jacket care and maintenance are essential to ensuring your precious leather piece will remain in prime condition for future years. Regular cleaning and conditioning can help prevent the build-up of stains, oil, and dirt. Never submerge your leather jacket in water, and keep it dry and away from moisture as much as possible. 

Store your jacket in a dry and cool place and keep it safe from the sun’s harsh rays. If you see cracks developing or you’re unable to remove stubborn stains, don’t hesitate to bring your leather jacket to a professional leather cleaner. These professionals have the necessary tools, experience, and skills to restore its vibrancy. 


Finding the perfect leather jacket requires careful planning and mindful deliberation. Consider the above tips and pick the one that not only looks good but also feels right.

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