Growing up can be strange for some, and it’s pretty overwhelming at times. The jump from being a kid, constantly surrounded by adults who tell you what to do, to a teenager gaining independence is a huge step in someone’s life.

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Help Teens Build Confidence

It can make you feel a little out of your depth, and sometimes it can be reassuring to know that you aren’t alone. If you know that your teen is pretty shy and is not particularly extroverted, here are a few tips that you can follow to help bring them out of their shell a little.

Get Them a Car 

This may come as a surprise, but getting your teen child a car can significantly impact their confidence. If your teen can drive and go anywhere, they will feel like this is a significant accomplishment which automatically boosts their overall confidence.

Another benefit of getting your teen a car is they can drive you around, especially when you have a busy schedule. When stuck at work, they will come to your aid instead of getting into an Uber, and this will save you money. Through a car, you will teach your teen child about responsibility in life. They will be in charge of their actions and take responsibility for the consequences.But before you get a car for your teen, you must ensure they are good at driving and have a junior license. Also, teach them about all junior operator speeding suspension penalties and what steps to take. This will help improve their driving experience

Having Their Own Radio Show

For many teens, the idea of talking in front of people is scary, but the idea of talking behind a screen or in a studio is not so daunting. If your teen is into music or has any particular interest that they enjoy talking about, as a parent you should encourage them to make their interest public and speak about it to other people. For example, Spooncast is a platform where anyone can have their own show and interact with other listeners. For a shy teen, this can be where they find a positive and welcoming community, and even space to find their own voice. Shows can be listened to on the app or website so it is super versatile and easy to use.

Joining More Sports Clubs

An amazing way to both make friends and build confidence is through joining a sports club. This is something you should encourage your teen to try if they are shy and don’t feel as though they have enough independence. Joining a new sport will help them develop new skills with other teens their own age and they can always join at a beginner’s level so they don’t have to feel as though they are out of their depth. This will give them a weekly structure if they are playing the sport on a regular basis, as well as some drive and motivation. Every time they play that sport, they will get better and better, which will help add to their sense of self-worth. Furthermore, playing sports is really great for your bodily health and fitness levels, so not only will they become more internally healthy, they will become more confident in their self-image as they will be getting fitter and stronger.

Getting a Part Time Job

Getting a part-time job is another really great way for your teen to build confidence and branch out. It may sound like an odd suggestion, but if they have been living under the wing of their parents for a prolonged period of time, they will have become used to having someone looking after them constantly. Having a part time job is one of the best ways they can develop a sense of independence, meet new people and learn a variety of valuable life skills. This will add to their resume, meaning that later on in life, employers and colleges will see that they have taken the initiative and done something that others may not have. Additionally, they will be earning a bit of cash, meaning they can have the freedom to do more things!

Being shy is no bad thing, but as a parent you want to make sure that your child’s confidence isn’t being too affected by this. By encouraging them to do a variety of different activities, you will be helping your teen find their interest and feel as though they have a purpose.

In the long run, this will benefit their confidence massively as they will have something that they feel passionate about or interested in talking to others about.