Did you know that in 2019, over 2,000 teenagers were killed in car accidents? Another 250,000 were sent to the hospital to treat accident-related injuries.

3 Key Driving Tips for Teenagers, Learning to Drive: 3 Key Driving Tips for Teenagers, Days of a Domestic Dad

Learning how to drive is a significant step in a teenager’s life. A new freedom is unlocked once they get behind the wheel.

However, with the recent statistics, new teenage drivers must know their full responsibilities while driving. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure they are prepared for driving independently.

It can be challenging. But to provide some support, here are three essential driving tips for teenagers.

1. Get to Know Your Vehicle

When your teenager gets their license, they’ll want to drive immediately. However, if you’re gifting them a car or letting them use yours, teach them about the basics.

Each car comes with an owner’s manual, which outlines all of the features of the vehicle. By reading it, your teen will have a general understanding of their car.

If a light pops up on the dashboard, they’ll know what it means and can handle the situation accordingly. It would also be beneficial to teach your teenager some general car maintenance tips such as:

  • Checking oil levels
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Using the emergency tool kit

Driving is much more than controlling the vehicle. So the more time you take to invest in your teen’s driving education, the safer they’ll be on the road.

2. Limit Distractions

Driving requires you to maintain a certain level of focus at all times. You have to constantly check your mirrors, speed, and any potential obstructions.

However, when there are distractions in the car, it can take your focus off the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, over 3,000 people died in car accidents due to distracted driving.

So as your teen is learning to drive, ensure you brief them about certain distractions such as:

  • Talking on their phone
  • Playing music loudly
  • Overly active passengers

By limiting these distractions, it’ll ensure their safety when driving. However, what if there’s a situation where your teen needs to use their phone?

You can show them how to pull into a safe location on the side of the road. That way, instead of putting themselves in danger, they can tend to the emergency at hand and then safely proceed on the road.

3 Key Driving Tips for Teenagers, Learning to Drive: 3 Key Driving Tips for Teenagers, Days of a Domestic Dad
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3. Always Follow the Speed Limit

When teaching your teen how to be a safe driver, the topic of speed can be challenging to teach. Naturally, your teen may be heavy-footed when they begin driving because they’re not comfortable.

However, teach them to maintain the speed limit. They may want to impress their peers by driving fast. But, not following the speed limit could be detrimental.

They could end up getting into an accident. If that happens, follow the link provided to find out what to do after a crash.

Follow These Driving Tips for Teenagers

With these driving tips for teenagers, it’ll be less challenging to teach your child how to drive. By providing them with this valuable information, they’ll be safe drivers, and you won’t need to worry too much.

If you’re interested in learning more safe driving tips, feel free to visit our blog for related content.