Everyone knows that going to places in their own country or abroad is important as they get to broaden their horizons and live life to the fullest by learning about different cultures, histories and lifestyles.

Father and daughter looking out an airport window,

However, we should also talk about the cons of travelling as it can be really confusing. Think of the scenario where you want to visit London but you don’t know what the best airport to land is or how to get from the airport to your hotel.

Well, we are here to tell you that Stansted Airport in Southern England is always the best option. We have even compiled a list with some of the greatest reasons why you should always choose Stansted Airport for your travels.

Reason 1: Stansted Airport is near many major cities

It goes without saying that the main criterion for choosing an airport is how close it is to the city you are visiting. If you are travelling to the South of England, then Stansted Airport is an excellent choice. This airport is near major cities like London, Luton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Colchester and Chelmsford. It is important to note that it takes less than an hour —42 minutes, to be exact— to get from the airport to London and vice versa.

Reason 2: Stansted is an international airport

It doesn’t matter where you are from as chances are that Stansted Airport serves your country. Passengers from more than 160 destinations can land there. More than 25 million people arrive and depart from Stansted Airport every year. And a fun fact: Dublin has been the most popular destination of the airport. Of course, domestic flights to beautiful cities in the UK are also conducted. The most popular domestic flight is to Edinburgh.

Reason 3: Getting to and from Stansted Airport is a piece of cake

What concerns many passengers is how they are going to get to the airport. Stansted Airport has made sure that people have got many transfer options so that every single passenger can choose the best one for them. There are train and bus routes that connect major cities in England, including Oxford, Leeds and Birmingham, with Stansted Airport. Additionally, people can hire a taxi or a car which will be waiting for them at the spacious car park in the airport. Hiring a car is the best option as travellers can use this vehicle throughout their trip and discover the beauty of England in the most convenient way possible. Enjoy Travel allows internet users to make online arrangements so that they can pick up their preferred hire car at Stansted Airport once they have landed. This way, they can start their exploration immediately. And in order to take full advantage of the car, they can return it right before their departure.

Reason 4: Excellent hotels near Stansted Airport

Do you need a hotel to crash for a night, but you don’t want to go to the nearest city because you are afraid that you might miss your flight? You shouldn’t worry as there are several excellent hotels in the vicinity of Stansted Airport. There are even shuttle buses that take people to the hotels.