Benidorm Spain is a scenic, mesmerizing, and sought-after seaside resort town in Spain and it can provide you with experiences you will remember fondly for the rest of your life.

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Where is Benidorm Spain?

If you have never been to Benidorm or that part of the world before, here are some pro traveling tips that can help you make the most of your time there.

1. Be Sorted Out Financially

Benidorm is a small town and not a city so if you are traveling there for vacation or to spend a few days in its idyllic beauty, you need to be comfortable on the financial front. Benidorm is not particularly cost-effective and money changers etc can be fraudulent there as well.

Keep a good amount of cash handy on your person and invest in something like a wrist wallet which will ensure a pickpocket cannot get to your credit cards and cash. Beach resorts tend to be ripe with pickpockets because the area is typically crowded. Always have an emergency stash hidden in your luggage or in a safe in your hotel in case you need medical assistance or something untoward happens.

2. Pack That Sunblock

The sun is a major player on any trip to Benidorm and temperatures can be very warm indeed especially in peak season when most people are booking a trip there. Make sure to pack sunblock or sunscreen and adequate swimwear and light fabrics. The threat of sunburn and sun damage is real! It is worthwhile to bear in mind that Benidorm is sunny basically the year around so the sun will be a contender no matter when you’re visiting.

3. Look Out For Yourself

It is common for vacationers and tourists to lose their bearings or let down their guard when they are in a resort town and having the time of their lives. However, you should always be vigilant and carry a butterfly portable lock in your luggage which is great for AirBnb stays and smaller hotels where you fear someone else might have the key or that you may be followed.

Your personal security is more important than having a good time so never compromise on that and avoid going into dark alleys carrying valuables like a phone or a lot of cash. The security system (if any) will be mentioned on the Air Bnb listing as many owners use vacation rental software to manage their properties and to write up advertisements with information.

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4. Make An Emergency Map & List

If you are a first-time visitor then it is useful to go through a map of Benidorm beforehand of where you will be staying and how you will get there. Having prior knowledge before flying about the nearest grocery stores, hospitals, and police stations can come in very handy if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Always have a backup plan in place regardless of where you are traveling to.

5. Eat Local

In resort towns like Benidorm, there are any number of very fancy, expensive restaurants that are mostly open for and cater to tourists. If you really want to enjoy the indigenous Spanish cuisine, opt for local food stalls, food trucks, and small roadside cafes and restaurants. You will save money and have a more authentic Benidorm experience.

The same applies if you are visiting Terra Mitica Benidorm which is a well-known theme park in the region and perfect for families with kids as it promises plenty of adventure. In theme parks, you’re better off eating from food trucks and vendors rather than having a sit-down meal. Always remember to give a small tip wherever you are eating as a matter of habit.

6. Cost-Effective Communication

Unless you want to spend a small fortune to procure a sim card and phone just for the duration of your trip. Use the many telephone boxes that are scattered around the streets of Benidorm. It is very easy to buy calling cards from street vendors, or small shops and they offer good value for money. More private telephone boxes will calculate the cost of the call upon its termination.

7. When In Doubt Choose Carrefour

If you need a hint of familiarity, know that Carrefour outlets are present in Benidorm so you can still procure your favorite snacks or even kosher foods if you wish like the fruits, nuts, and chocolates commonly placed in shiva baskets. If you are staying in an Air Bnb or bed and breakfast you might need access to groceries and this chain of supermarkets can be helpful if you don’t speak or read Spanish. 

8. Getting Around Benidorm Spain

Public transport is quite good in Benidorm so you don’t have to spend on expensive car rentals. As long as you can procure a bus schedule you should be able to get around relatively easily and taxis are usually around every corner in most cases. Buses are not only cost-effective in the way of tickets but they often run routes until late at night so you won’t miss out on the bustling nightlife of Benidorm while you are vacationing there. The only point for tourists to remember when they are trying to hail a taxi is that it is better to get the local taxi contact numbers list and call a car instead of stopping it on the street.

9. Don’t Forget To Fully Enjoy The Beaches

Benidorm has so much to offer in the way of cuisine, beautiful streets, and amazing nightlife that beaches can get neglected during your stay there. Make a point of enjoying the five beaches present in Benidorm as long as you are practicing proper sun protection. Benidorm is known for its awesome coastline and the beaches Poniente and the Levante are the most preferred for relaxing and sunbathing as they are less crowded. Play beach games with your children and enjoy the sun especially if you are from a colder climate and want to enjoy the warmth that this seaside resort has to offer!

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