If you’re thinking of uprooting and relocating to Michigan, either for work or a different lifestyle, this article is likely to prick your ears. First and foremost, Michigan is a very versatile state in the US. Although it’s home to a large part of America’s automotive industry, it also benefits from proximity to the shorelines of the Great Lakes which allow you to escape the urban sprawl.

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For those wondering whether the Great Lakes State of Michigan is suitable for your new lives, read on as we explore the pros and cons of life in Michigan with full transparency.

Pros of Life in Michigan

  • Ideal if you want a slower pace of life
    Much of Michigan is remote and detached from urban life, which appeals to anyone looking for a safe and attractive place to live. With the exception of Detroit – more on this later – there’s very few “big city” metropolitan areas and the slower pace of life reflects this.
  • Outdoor (and indoor) entertainment guaranteed 12 months of the year
    A slower pace of life doesn’t mean Michigan is by any means boring. Far from it, in fact. Michigan is home to some first-rate outdoor entertainment. There’s heaps to explore on foot and you can kayak, fish and camp in the great outdoors to your heart’s content on the Great Lakes. Michigan is also forward-thinking from other entertainment perspectives too. As recently as 2019, the state moved to legalize iGaming which is great news for card players and sports bettors. The Michigan Gaming Control Board oversees all elements of this industry. This means residents can only play casinos Michigan licensed, and place sports wagers on pre and in-play markets.
  • Cost-effective housing market
    If you’re looking for a mix of easy living that’s not hard on your back pocket, Michigan ticks all the right boxes. It offers one of the most affordable housing markets in the US, with average house prices weighing in at just $233,019, compared with the $416,100 national average.
  • The Midwest is one of the most hospitable areas of the US
    Anecdotally speaking, the south is known for its wholesome hospitality, but the Midwest is another level. There is a genuine sense of community in this state’s small towns, which is something hard to find these days.

Cons of Life in Michigan

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  • Brace yourself for harsh winters
    For three months of the year, you’re going to have to accept severe wintry weather conditions. Blizzards are common at the height of winter and, if you think you’ve seen heavy snow, you haven’t seen anything yet! Still, if you’re a remote worker, this may not bother you.
  • Inadequate road network
    When you combine harsh winters with an outdated road network, it can be a recipe for disaster at times living in Michigan. Potholes will become the bane of your existence. There’s seemingly always maintenance being done to the highways which in itself regularly causes traffic chaos.
  • Detroit: The elephant in the room
    We mentioned earlier that Detroit is the number-one city in Michigan. However, this doesn’t make it the number-one place to live in the state. After all, one of the main reasons people want to move to Michigan is to experience a more rural way of life. If your heart’s set on living in and around Detroit, the waterfront is said to be one of the most in-demand areas of the city. Be sure to do your research to pick the right neighborhood for you.

In summary, Michigan offers a life that’s less hectic and fast-paced than other US states. Its geography ensures plenty of options for outdoor recreation and homes are valued much lower than the national average. However, as the state enjoys a more rural feel, be prepared to suck up an inadequate road infrastructure.

, What to Know Before Moving to Michigan, Days of a Domestic Dad