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When it comes to monthly subscription boxes, the Sagomini Box is one of the more creative ones I have seen on the market.This is a service that offers preschoolers a chance to create make-and-play activities either on their own, with a buddy, or with a little help from mom and dad.

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Sago Mini Box Empower Minds

Each box empowers the little ones to take hands-on control over their play and learning process.

How Does it Work?

You start by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. A monthly plan is $19 + shipping, while a yearly subscription costs $15 per month.

Once you have signed up, you just wait for a new box of activities to arrive via snail mail every month. When your child’s box arrives, you just open it and start learning and playing. It’s pretty simple.

What’s in the Box

Each box includes really cute tools and easy to understand instructions to help a child develop interactive skills and positive emotions. Basically, creative play is designed to stimulate emotional intelligence through educational play.

Children are encouraged to work with others at problem solving. This helps them to learn how to share, cooperate, and make positive connections. Here are some examples of the projects included in the box:

Fairy Tales encourages the kids to practice storytelling by becoming the star of their own magical adventure.

Space Explorer is designed to help kids better understand our solar system and everything about the stars.

Planes allows you to transform your family room into an airport. This includes an informative map of the world.

Pet Café gives kids the opportunity to set up and run a working restaurant. They can take orders, cook food, serve, and collect money.

Each box is responsibly made with recycled materials and reusable packaging.

When and Where to Play

The Sago Mini Boxes are thoughtfully and compactly designed so that you can travel with them. They are meant to be played with over and over again. I think these are great for taking with you to family gatherings so the kids can engage with cousins or other children. These are also pretty clever for keeping them occupied during school holidays.

The mini boxes will definitely create some quality family time that you will treasure. For grandparents, these activities are ideal when you are babysitting. The activities will replace the TV for engaging the grandkids.

Bottom Line

If you are a parent or guardian of children of preschool age and are looking for more engaging toys and activities for you little ones, you should consider a Sago Mini Box subscription. Your kids will look forward to the special delivery each month. Every box is a different surprise and treat.

If you aren’t 100% sure, start with a one month order and see how you and your children like the interaction and educational experience. If the usual toy bin isn’t touched while you are playing with the mini box contents, you will know that this is a good fit for your family.