Approximately 80% of vapers joined the statistics as a result of quitting smoking. However, many misleading details regarding switching to vaping from smoking make many steps back from the bold and fruitful decision.

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The fact is that vaping is less harmful than smoking, but you may not be confident about it when you don’t have enough information. 

Sometimes, switching from smoking to vaping is challenging because you aren’t mentally prepared for the new chapter. Let’s explain what it’s like switching from smoking to vaping, alongside some tips to guide you through. 

Reduced risk of lung cancer 

You must agree that smoking has been associated with various lung issues, including cancer, for decades. You can reduce the risk of the severe condition by switching from smoking to vaping, as the former is considered safer and less harmful to your lungs. 

If they switch to vaping for relaxation, former smokers are protected from heart attacks and related issues. However, experts recommend vaping three or four times a week to be on the safe side against these illnesses. 

Better breath, taste, smell, and energy levels 

Former smokers can anticipate improved breath and smell soon after switching to vaping. This is because e-cigarettes do not emit tar, a darkening and smelly substance that causes their bodies, especially the mouth, to produce a foul odour. 

Additionally, they should expect a better taste in foods and other edibles once their mouth becomes cigarette/tobacco-free. Research shows that cigarettes drain energy, making smokers feel lazy and exhausted even when they haven’t done much. Vaping means more energy and less fatigue.

More savings 

Cigarettes and other tobacco substances are generally expensive and prevent one from saving, especially if one becomes addicted. Therefore, switching from smoking to vaping means the ex-smoker will save more since e-juices and gadgets are more cost-effective.

Without the original price of a standard vape gadget, vaping is approximately four times cheaper than heavy smoking. The vape pen will become a long-term investment for your habit.

Acceptance in the community 

Many people find it a nuisance and disrespectful when someone smokes around them, while smoking zones are limited across major cities. Conversely, most smokers have embraced vaping and see nothing wrong with it even if they aren’t vapers. This makes switching from smoking to vaping more favourable.

As an ex-smoker, you can expect more love from your friends when you vape. Even so, it would be absurd to vape in public unless it’s only in a secluded spot or a gathering filled with vapers. 


Unfortunately, switching from smoking to vaping isn’t all merry because there are a few negative experiences to expect. However, they aren’t alarming, making vaping safer than smoking.

Even when you have been used to smoking, you are still vulnerable to an irritative cough once you switch to vaping. This is because your throat is getting used to nicotine, a foreign substance. The cough is quite manageable and doesn’t last long if you vape responsibly, as the expert(s) advised. 

High blood pressure and heartbeat rate 

Switching from smoking to vaping is often characterized by a sudden rise and fall in blood pressure and heartbeat rate, which many smokers might not know. This happens due to nicotine, a substance that causes unusual body activity and, hence, increased blood supply and pressure. First-time vapers who have stopped smoking are advised to vape in smaller amounts until fully used. 

Throat hits 

People switching from smoking to vaping will likely experience throat hits on their first trials before getting used to it. This occurs due to nicotine, which irritates the throat and surrounding areas, called throat hits. You can manage them by drinking enough water while vaping moderately. 

Tips for Switching from Smoking

Switching from smoking to vaping can be a mix of exciting and disappointing experiences due to various expectations. Take your time learning about vaping and adjusting to its changes. If you rush through the process, you might enjoy it less.

Invest in high-quality vaping products for a better experience. Low-quality items can discourage you and potentially tempt you back into smoking. Also, experiment with different e-juice flavours as you progress. You’ll gradually discover your preferred flavours and discard those that don’t appeal to you.

Keep a spare e-cigarette on hand to ensure continuous vaping if your main one breaks or runs out of juice. Depending on only one device could lead you back to smoking if it fails unexpectedly.

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