As you age, your body changes and functions differently. Throughout your life, you put wear and tear on your body and injure it in different ways.

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Geriatric Physical Therapy

These changes and injuries can create discomfort and encourage senior conditions that impact your movement. Geriatric physical therapy has grown in popularity to address some of these age-related issues. Before you search for “physical therapy near me“, this is what you should know.

Geriatric Physical Therapy?

This type of physical therapy involves significant customization based on the age and conditions you have. These age-related treatments adapt to many different issues, including osteoporosis, joint replacements, arthritis, balance challenges, neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Geriatric physical therapy may include hands-on, manual treatments to treat pain, circulation challenges and mobility issues. They include joint mobilization and soft-tissue therapies. Your therapist may also have you complete custom exercises, including those that improve coordination, balance, endurance, strength and flexibility. Reputable physical therapists will also teach you and give you tips that help you prevent injuries, complete your daily tasks and use devices that assist you throughout the day.

Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy

When you contact a clinic, such as Ahwatukee Physical Therapy, the clinicians should discuss why your physical therapy is important. Age can impact your balance, increasing your risk for trips and falls. In addition, if you do fall, you can have greater difficulty getting up and may suffer more damaging injuries, such as sprains, dislocations and breaks. Unfortunately, these injuries also take longer to heal.

Physical therapy before and after an injury can help you strengthen your muscles and body and give you better balance. It can increase your productivity and keep you independent. In addition, your mental capacity benefits from exercise. If you have pain, your therapist can target the area and help you gain relief.

How You Can Find a Physical Therapy Provider

As you search for a local clinic, e.g.,  Physical therapy in Phoenix AZ, your first step should include talking to friends and family members who go to therapy. They can tell you about their experiences, all the clinics they have tried and what therapists work with them well. If you don’t know anyone who gets physical therapy, you can also ask your primary care or specialist physicians who they recommend.

Contact the clinics and discuss your needs. Find out if they offer customized treatments that specifically address your concerns. Ask about their resources, such as a pool, gym, equipment, masseuse and other assets, to help you achieve your therapy goals. Then, arrange for a tour of the facility and an interview with the company’s therapists.

If you can, watch each therapist work with a patient to determine their patience level and how they handle patient pain. During your interviews, try to determine who you would be most compatible with. Then, ask about availability and treatment suggestions. Ask who you need to work with to set up your appointments and how long they will take.

Geriatric physical therapy is highly beneficial as you age. It can help you address your physical and mental concerns and risks and help you retain your independence.

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