You must be aware of children’s emergencies as a parent or guardian. One situation that is on the rise and must be addressed by parents and guardians is pediatric first aid training. 

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Paediatric first aid training covers most emergencies that arise in kids and can also be used to assist bystanders during an emergency as well.

What Is Pediatric First Aid?

Paediatric first aid is the healthcare profession’s term for caring for a child under 18. In general, paediatric first aid training covers the same topics as adult first aid training but with some extra considerations unique to children.

The most crucial difference between paediatric and adult first aid training is that many different types of injuries can happen to children—from broken bones to allergic reactions to poisonings—and each injury can require a different approach. 

You should ensure that your trainers know which type of injury they’re likely to encounter during their course and how best to treat it. Try to find an online paediatric first aid course or directly inquire to the nearest Red Cross in your place or other health organizations that offer first aid training.

The skills taught in paediatric first aid training are designed to be used immediately on the scene of an accident or medical emergency, and they cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • How to provide essential life support in a child’s weakened state
  • Ways to keep a child safe while they wait for help
  • What to do if a child has breathing problems or trouble swallowing

Which Children Need Pediatric First Aid?

Paediatric first aid is a course that covers everything you need to know to help children who have come into contact with an emergency. 

You’ll learn how to manage common injuries, administer basic first aid, and keep your wits about you while dealing with an emergency. It’scrucialt that you know what children need first aid training because it can be used on so many different occasions. 

A child may need it if they get hurt at school or during a playdate, or maybe they get hurt when playing sports or hiking in the park. It’s also useful for parents who want to know how best to handle an injury their child incurred at home.

This training is suitable for people who work with children, including teachers and childcare workers, parents, and guardians.

The course covers the following:

  • How to recognize signs of illness in children
  • What to do if a child gets injured or sick at home or outside
  • How to manage injuries that happen in the home

What Ages Does Pediatric First Aid Training Cover?

First Aid training for paediatric was designed to meet the requirements of EYFS or the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework and develop confidence in many unfortunate injuries and diseases that childcare workers may encounter when providing care for young kids. 

So while the guideline is focused primarily on children five and under, the expertise of peadiatric first aid is relevant for children of all ages. 

Most skill levels apply to kids and adults; for example, how we care for a person who burns or is bleeding is the same, no matter their age.

Who Can Train You as a Pediatric First-Aider?

The Red Cross and other organizations train paediatric First-Aiders to assist children in a medical emergency. They can be found at hospitals and community clinics or train independently.

The Red Cross offers various courses covering everything from CPR and defibrillation to managing choking emergencies and dealing with anaphylactic shock. 

The organization also offers courses dealing with particular problems like drowning, drowning prevention, and fire safety.

How Many Pediatric First Aider Should a Childcare Facility Have?

The number of Paediatric First Aiders required in a childcare facility will depend on the age of the children.

Paediatric First Aiders can be trained to work with children from 0-5 years old. If you have a child under 5, you should have at least 1 Paediatric First Aider on staff.

If you have older children, hire more Paediatric First Aiders so they can cover more areas of care. For instance, if your facility cares for infants or toddlers and has 3-5-year-old children, you may hire 2 or 3 Paediatric First Aiders instead of just one.

If you are still determining how many Paediatric First Aiders your facility needs or at what ages they should be trained, consider contacting your local healthcare office.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be the best family and community member you can be, the first step is being prepared. Having a basic knowledge of Paediatric First Aid is a great start, and knowing how to treat minor injuries in young children can be life-saving. 

Hop online, research what is out there, and see what the age range of children’s Pediatric First Aid training looks like.

, What Ages Does Pediatric First Aid Training Cover?, Days of a Domestic Dad