I sometimes think we dad bloggers get overlooked when it comes to parenting and lifestyle advice. A lot of people are not aware that there are many dad food blogger who are as actively involved with the raising of their children and taking care of the needs of a household.

Top 10 Dad Food Blogs

Top 10 Dad Food Blogs

In our family, my wife Staci and I share the experiences of earning a living, homeschooling, keeping up the home, and making sure our kids are properly cared for and safe. This includes preparing meals.

Yes, this domestic dad cooks! There are some awesome men and dad bloggers out there who also cook and I want to share some of their unique dad food blogs in this post on my own dad blog.

The Domestic Man – Russ Crandall

I am pretty sure every household faces dietary challenges, whether that be nut allergies, gluten sensitivity, or lactose intolerance. This can impact both kids and adults and can take some skill to manage. Russ Crandall experienced some personal health issues back in 2010. At that time, he changed his diet with profound results. Russ is now gluten-free and eats a mostly paleolithic diet that excludes grains. He is a food blogger with recipes based on tradition and insights from an international point of view. Russ has a recipe on The Domestic Man blog for a keto-friendly tandoori chicken that is complex with spices.

Real Food by Dad – Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson is a dad food blogger with a pretty impressive recipe box. Real Food by Dad shares the responsibility of raising 3 hungry boys with his wife who is also a food blogger. Matt is relegated to the kitchen for weeknight meals, as reflected in his Real Food by Dad blog. Those are the dinners that need to get on the table quickly between school, sporting events, homework, and sleep. This daddy blogger doesn’t shy away from fun adult recipes, like his classic mojito. Matt has a recipe for Mexican lasagna that reminds me of the classic 7-layer Mexican dip that most kids can’t get enough of.

Vegan Sliders

Lunchbox Dad – Beau Coffron

Beau Coffron has a dad blog called Lunchbox Dad that speaks to me. He cracks me up because he doesn’t shy away from any food choices and keeps it real and relevant, including his Disney-themed recipes. Beau embraces everything the market has to offer and has so much fun creating recipes for and with his kids, like his Despicable Me lunch box. I mean, who doesn’t love the Minions?

Dad with a Pan – Derek Campanile

Derek Campanile is an IT guy who almost enrolled in culinary school in high school. Even though he chose a different career path, his love of cooking was always in his bones, as you can easily see on his dad food blog Dad with a Pan. That passion followed him into adulthood and has shaped him into a dedicated family cook and food blogger. Derek is clear that he loves spending time at the table with his family, and it shows in his attention to detail in his homestyle recipes and his takes on classic dishes. If you like peanut butter and jelly, and who doesn’t try Derek’s spin on this simple sandwich that is fried to crispy perfection.

Macheesmo – Nick Evans

Nick Evans is a regular guy and dad who wants to make meals more about family time and less about takeout. He is all about healthy, economical meals shared at the table. He created his Macheesmo food blog as an homage to “cooking with confidence”. Nick’s recipes on his dad food blog are relatable and easy to follow. I have to say that this guy knows his bread and I am pretty impressed with his repertoire of bread, muffin, and biscuit recipes. I think any family would like Nick’s cast-iron cheddar biscuits.

Foodness Gracious – Gerry

Gerry is a dad food blogger who actually has some culinary experience. Before becoming a stay-at-home father and daddy blogger, he was a professional pastry chef. Gerry obviously has some skills. His goal is to develop and share recipes for busy parents on his Foodness Gracious site. You will want to try his easy chocolate caramel blondies.

Dad’s Pantry – Chris M.

Chris M. is the author of Dad’s Pantry, a daddy blogger website that focuses on simple and great-tasting food that kids can help to make. Chris is particularly fond of Italian, TexMex, and Greek dishes. His recipe for Italian-style meatloaf is the epitome of comfort food and great for dinner with leftovers to make sandwiches the next day.

Days of a Domestic Dad - Top Dad Food Blogs

Dad Cooks Dinner – Mike Vrobel

Mike Vrobel is a dad blogger and enthusiastic home cook who admits to having an “addiction” to kitchen gadgets like his pressure cooker. He has also written books on grilling and shares those recipes on his daddy food blog. Mike cooks for his 3 kids every night. He has 5 impressive recipes for rotisserie chicken on his Dad Cooks Dinner website.

Southern Bite – Stacey

Stacey likes cooking for friends and family and shares his recipes on his dad blog Southern Bite. Food is the language of love in the south and Stacey really embraces that. His recipes use local and fresh ingredients like his southern fried corn. Stacey has one goal – to bring families back to the table to share good food and quality time together.

What Dad Cooked

What Dad Cooked is a collection of recipes by a dad who simply loves to cook. He is a modest man and doesn’t really share much about himself on his website. He is a designer by trade with a love of good food. Some of his recipes are admittedly upscale and unique. Yet, he has some great, simple fare on his dad food blog that anyone can pull together and kids will enjoy. Try his Laughing Cow quesadillas.

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