Purchasing replacement parts straight from the manufacturer is the best option for anyone needing to repair their appliances.

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These parts will fit perfectly and work as they are meant to, extending the appliance’s life and providing a better return on investment.

Be Careful with Generic Parts

When looking for OEM, it is essential to remember that not all replacement parts are created equal. While some generic aftermarket replacement parts may look like the original, they differ from the same quality and often have design flaws that can lead to premature failure.

A generic aftermarket replacement part can also void any remaining warranties on your appliance. If you have a warranty on your dryer and use a generic part, the manufacturer will likely deem that your appliance is no longer covered under its warranty.

OEM dryer replacement parts are designed specifically for your make and model, so it is important to always look for those when you need replacement parts. Following these tips ensures that your replacement parts are high-quality and will fit your appliance properly. They will also be less expensive than replacing parts at a retail store. So, save money and headaches by choosing the right replacement parts for Samsung dryers.

Check with the Manufacturer

When choosing OEM dryer replacement parts, it is best to go with the manufacturer. This ensures the replacement part fits and functions properly with your specific appliance model. In addition, using generic or aftermarket replacement parts can cause damage and may void any remaining warranty coverage on your appliance.

This is especially important for electrical components like fuses and wiring. Generic parts aren’t designed to be used with a particular brand or type of appliance and can lead to short-circuiting, fires, or even electric shock.

To find genuine OEM parts:

  1. Simply enter the model number of your appliance into the search bar at the top of the website. This will direct you to a complete list of dryer parts compatible with your specific make and model.
  2. Once you have found the correct replacement baffles, unplug your dryer and locate the screws or clips that hold them in place.
  3. Remove these with a screwdriver or pliers, and carefully insert the new baffles.

Check with Locally Owned Appliance Stores

If the manufacturer’s website needs what you need, or if your appliance is relatively new and covered by warranty, check with locally owned appliance stores. Often, these shops will carry original replacement parts and may even have some that are no longer manufactured. They’re also more likely to know about your appliance and be able to advise you on whether a generic replacement part will work.

Some suppliers sell various original replacement parts and provide an easy-to-use search tool to help you find the exact part your appliance needs. They are also known for their low prices and fast shipping. In addition, their customer service team can answer any questions you have. Buying OEM parts can be more expensive than generic products, but they’ll usually last longer and provide a greater return on investment. 

Decide if Repairing Is Worth It

Whether or not it is worth buying generic replacement parts for your appliance depends on how much you value your time and money. Generic replacement parts may not fit properly or cause additional issues with your appliance that you wouldn’t otherwise have. If you choose generic parts, research and contact the manufacturer to ensure you’re getting high-quality products. Lastly, enter the full model number of your dryer when shopping online for OEM replacement parts.