Is it time to upgrade your water heater? Instead of replacing it with another storage tank one, consider going tankless. Here are some of the benefits of using an on-demand or instant water heater.

Plumber attaches trying to fix the problem with the residential heating equipment. repair of a gas boiler

Always Available Hot Water

When utilizing a traditional water heater, you may sometimes use all of the available hot water and need to wait for a period of time for it to fill with more. This can be the case when numerous people are taking showers in the morning or for similar reasons. However, a tankless water heater always has heated water available as the result of it heating water as it is needed, not in advance.

Saving on Space

This is a particularly important benefit if your living area is cramped. A tankless water heater is much smaller than a storage tank one, providing more room to maneuver around your home or to store things. Also note that some tankless water heaters may be mounted onto a wall. Generally, a tank-style water heater is 5 feet tall while a tankless one is around 2 feet in height.

Less Prone to Leaks and Explosions

More traditional water heaters tend to suffer from hard water build-up, which can corrode its interior and ultimately cause it to leak or, worse-case scenario, a flooding situation around it. Although tankless water heaters could leak as well, the chances of it occurring are much less, and flooding is exceptionally unlikely.

Also, the already unlikely possibility of a water heater exploding is removed entirely when changing from a tanked one to a tankless unit.

More Affordable in the Long Run

Perhaps the most significant con of going with a water heater is its initial cost, but it more than makes up for that in the long run. This is for three primary reasons. Using a tankless water heater results in lower energy costs, tankless water heaters generally last twice as many years as storage tank ones do, and the former type also tends to require maintenance and repair work much less often.

As far as energy efficiency goes, the percentage saved is around 29% for homes that use 41 gallons of hot water or less every day and about 11% for those that utilize more than double that amount.


If you need to replace your water heater anyway, consider the many benefits of tankless water heaters as it will likely become a decision that you are thankful you made.

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