The cost of painting a condo in Toronto in 2023 is something that we all need to be aware of. In the next few years, we will see a lot of people moving into condos and having to paint them. This is because condos are becoming the new norm for people. And this is a trend that we are seeing all over the world.

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When you have a condo, there are going to be certain responsibilities that come with it. Painting is one of those. This is something that you need to be prepared for, especially if you are a landlord. It is crucial that you know how much this will cost so that you can plan accordingly. We all know that the cost of living in Toronto is rising, and it’s important to be aware of these costs as they occur.

This article will help you understand everything you need to know about the cost to paint a condo in Toronto. So let’s get started!

The Cost of Painting a Condo in Toronto and the GTA

When calculating the cost of interior home painting in Toronto, the first thing you need to do is find out how many square feet your condo is. Most condos in Toronto are anywhere from 600 to 900 square feet. Then you can calculate how much it will cost per square foot to paint your condo based on the total number of square feet and the cost per square foot for materials and labour.

The average price per square foot is $2-$3 for walls only. So if you have 1.000 square feet of space, the average cost to paint your condo would be around $2,000 to $3,000. But remember that there are many more factors than just the walls—there are doors and trim as well! So here’s the breakdown:

  • Trim and doors: smaller condos can cost about $300, while larger ones tend to be priced at around $500-$700.
  • Closets are usually around $100-$150 per closet and most condos in Toronto have 3-4 closets. So that’s an additional $300-$500 for the closets.
  • Ceilings can range from $1,000 and can go up to $1,500 depending on the size of your condo. However, if your ceilings are made of stucco, then expect to pay anywhere from $1,200-$1,300 for smaller condos. Or as much as $1,400-$1,600 for larger units. This is because you have to oil prime stucco ceilings before painting them.
  • These prices include 2 coats of paint and the cost of top-of-the-line paint and material from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. 

Overall, you can expect to pay an average of $3,000-$5,000+hst to hire a professional painting company to paint your entire condo, depending on the size of your unit.

Main Factors That Affect the Condo Painting Cost:

When it comes to painting a condo, there are a lot of factors that can affect the price. The main ones are:

1. Furniture

A lot of furniture is going to make things pretty expensive because they’re usually large and bulky. This means, there’s more work involved to move them around and remove them. If you have tons of furniture, expect to pay a lot more than someone who doesn’t have any at all.

2. Ceilings

Most Toronto condos have 8-9 foot ceilings, but if yours has higher ceilings (say 11-12 feet), the painting process will take even longer and require more material. And thus, cost more money as well.  

3. Number of coats of paint needed 

Most of the time your condo needs 2 coats of paint.   But if you are going from a medium/dark colour to lighter colours, it will likely need 3 coats of paint.  The more coats of paint are needed, the more expensive it will be.   

4. Number of Colours you choose 

Just like with coats of paint, if you more colours on your walls, this will cost more money as well. On the other hand, if you choose just one colour throughout your entire condo, then it will be cheaper. 

The typical amount of colours in a condo is 2 or 3 colours.  Any more than that, or if you introduce situations like an accent or feature walls, then it will definitely cost more as well.  

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5. How Much Prep Work Is Needed?

If extensive prep work is required prior to painting, such as removing stains left by children or pets, the price will increase significantly.  Also, if there are water leaks to fix and repair, then it will cost more as well.  

But even if there isn’t any major prep work involved, there may still be some minor touch-ups that need to be done before the paint can be applied (e.g., patching holes). The more touch-ups that are required, the higher your final bill will be.

6. Time Frame

If you need your condo painted quickly due to an upcoming event or something like that (like an open house), be prepared to pay more resources into the project. If you’re painting your condo simply because it’s time to freshen things up and you don’t need to meet any deadlines, then the cost will be less.

Tips to Get the Best Price on Your Condo Painting Project in Toronto

The cost to paint a condo in 2023 is a lot higher than it was ten years ago. This is because of the increasing cost of labour, materials, and equipment. If you want to get your condo painted at the best price possible, there are things you can do.

Here are some tips to help you save money when you’re hiring local painters & painting services in Toronto:

Tip #1: Time and Flexibility

First, schedule your home painting project for a time when contractors are available and not booked up. If possible, choose a slower season like winter or early spring. Slower seasons mean lower demand, which can lead to discounted prices.

It’s also important to have a flexible schedule so that you don’t pay premiums for rush services. If you need your condo painted as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to find a contractor with extra capacity so that they can accommodate your schedule.

Tip #2: DIY Prep

The prep work is one of the most important parts of any paint job, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming. If you do the prep work, you’ll save money on labour costs.

Prepare your house for painting by removing furniture and any other items that would get in the way of a professional painter doing their job. If possible, also remove appliances such as stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers before they arrive so they don’t need to be moved around during prep or after the painting is complete.

Tip #3: Let the Painter Choose the Brands

You might be tempted to tell them exactly which brand of paint or primer you want them to use. But this could cause problems down the road if something goes wrong with either one of those products. Instead, let them choose their own brands so there isn’t any conflict later on down the line when something goes wrong with either one of those products. This will also allow you to get the best possible price on the brand they choose since they are likely able to negotiate a discount with their suppliers.

Tip #4: Be Open to Different Payment methods 

Ask if the price of painting your house will change if you pay with a check or cash, instead of a credit card. Some contractors may charge an extra fee for accepting credit cards as a form of payment due to their higher administrative costs.   

Tip #5: Get at least two to three estimates before hiring your painter

It may seem like a pain in the neck, but getting a couple of quotes is really important if you want to get the best deal. You can often find painters who will give you a quote over the phone or via email—just make sure that they are insured and licensed!

If you’re not sure what to look for in a painter, you can find tips in this article: Tips for Hiring a Toronto House Painter.

Tip #6: Package Them!

Picking up a package deal will often save you money in the long run, as it takes advantage of bulk discounts. This means that instead of paying separately for each individual service (such as interior painting), you pay one price for all of them combined. This can save you money if you’re planning on having multiple things done around your condo!

Tip #7: Promote Your New Paint Job

If you’re pleased with the results of your condo painting project, spread the word! Many painting companies offer referral programs for their customers. This means that if you hire the company and are pleased with the results of their work, you can earn rewards such as discounts on future projects.

Tip #8: Haggle a bit 

Finally, when you’re ready to hire a condo painting service, don’t be afraid to haggle a bit! You can often save money by asking for a lower price. Many companies will allow customers to haggle over the cost of their services, so don’t be afraid to talk it out!

That said, usually, the cheapest quote isn’t the best job, for obvious reasons. You often get what you pay for. So it’s okay to ask for a bit lower of a price but don’t necessarily just price shop. In fact, if you want a decent quality paint job with good materials and good customer service, it’s often a better practice to go with the middle or slightly higher quote rather than the cheapest one.  

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