Losing even one tooth can make chewing and eating hard. It’s quite common for adults to lose teeth.

Smiling Benefits

If you want to restore function and form to your smile after losing a tooth, then you need to contact trusted dental implants. Most dentists offer several restorative treatment options, and dental implants tend to be the most effective option. There are several reasons why it makes sense to have dental implants. This article discusses the benefits of having dental implants.

Replacing missing teeth option

For decades, dentists have relied on a few tooth replacement options. In most cases, a single tooth was replaced with a dental bridge. The prosthetic has a false tooth that can be held in place using two dental crowns. Several lost teeth can be handled utilizing partial and full dentures.

A dental bridge can provide stability, but it gives an extra pressure because of the false tooth, leading to stress to the supporting teeth. A dental bridge also requires a dentist to prepare a perfectly healthy tooth. Therefore, they can permanently remove natural tooth structure, which is an irreversible process.

Another option when you lose several teeth is to have full dentures. The process used in replacing missing teeth utilizes a prosthetic that is often fabricated from a combination of metals, acrylic, and other materials. The prosthetic can just place false teeth where there are gaps in your smile. They can also not be stable and may even fall out, especially if they are not supported by a dental implant. This is the reason why you should always opt for dental implants.

The advantages of dental implants

If you are tired of your partial or full dentures that always wobble, then you should consider having different types of dental implants. You should note that full dentures that don’t have support of the dental implants are usually held in place by a bonding agent and through suction. This can be effective, though some people with full dentures find that they wobble. This is especially true when you eat tough foods, such as steak.

As you can imagine, it can be embarrassing to find that your dentures come loose while having dinner with guests. The good news is that dental implants provide stability. This is because dental implants have titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. This makes the implants work just like natural tooth roots. When the implant fuses with the jawbone, it can function as part of your body.

When a dental implant is properly cared for, it can last for a lifetime. Remember that the dental implant fuses with jawbone material around it through a process called osseointegration. Most dentists use medical-grade metal dental implants that cannot affect your body. For example, titanium is considered to be a biocompatible metal and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

Dental implants are also great for your oral health. The supportive jawbone tissue can start receding after the loss of your tooth. This is because tooth root is not available to stimulate jawbone regeneration. A dental implant acts as bone stimulator that prevent jawbone recession.

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